utterly embarrassed...

embarrassed because my last post {which i published less than an hour ago} was riddled with typos and had several spots that would have read better if worded differently. GULP!

of course, the errors are all now corrected. but those corrections did not get made before blogger sent out the subscription to anyone who has one. if that's you, please excuse my very bad habit of proofreading after i hit the publish button and the many errors that resulted in my last post. i really need to stop waiting to proofread until after my post is live. normally i have time to fix errors before they are seen in subscription. but not today! {i know, because i also get the subscription e-mail, and i just saw what a train-wreck it is!}

i'm just hoping that the post is primarily read on the blog site instead of in subscription form. fingers crossed.

silly me.


lissa said...

I do that a lot myself, so I don't think it's all bad, I think as long as you're happy with what you wrote, it's okay.

have a great day.

georgia b. said...

i agree, lissa. the heart of what i wanted to say was there, at least. and i don't think i had forgotten or left out any major things i wanted to include {which i often do}. so at leas i had that going for me. =)

Amanda said...

I know what you mean! I always get embarrassed with I see errors later on. No one can be perfect, so don't worry about it! You are MUCH better than most people even at your worst :)

georgia b. said...

phew. thanks, amanda! =)

good thing i don't have aspirations to be a writer. still, i don't like to have typos, 'cause i don't like what i put out there to look sloppy. lesson learned... never do a post close to 5pm when subscriptions are sent. =)