project life and weekending

this is why i want to keep going with my project life 365 endeavor... because of what she said.

i want to look back just as she was able to and have something visibly tangible to pour over as a reminder of my days... our days.

but i'm finding that my daily pics don't turn into daily posts. and then they just get pushed deeper and deeper into the folders i view by date... forgotten. so i will now be posting my daily shots once per week in the format you see below. we'll see how this goes. i'd really like to give it the old college try. {what does that mean, anyway? i use it all the time, but never really wondered what it meant until just now.}

anyway... wish me luck!!

here goes for week twelve {not in chronological order}, hopefully the first of many...

week 12 collage2
monday – light  •  sunday – cheers
tuesday – in the house  •  thursday – weather
saturday – musical  •  wednesday – fresh
friday – on the wall

i had missed my opportunity for "cheers" and "weather" on sunday and thursday. so i made up for opportunities missed yesterday... first when isaac and i attended a birthday party in the morning and then when his uncle drew came to visit all of us in the afternoon.

we happily attended the one-year birthday part of a sweet little boy i had the pleasure of photographing a while back. the theme was sesame street {complete with a fabulous elmo cake that isaac would have loved on so many levels!}, and we left with party favors that were all things colorful and baby sesame street. isaac quite contentedly rode the entire hour home with party balloons in hand, deep in a droopy-eyed food coma. so i snapped a shot or two of the balloons in the rear-view mirror {while stopped at a light, of course}, because they went so well with the warm and sunny {finally!} day that we were enjoying. was thinkin' "weather balloons" for a title on that one.

in his food-coma-turned-nap, isaac remained in the car when we arrived home so he could ride along with mr. b. to the train station where they would pick up uncle drew. mr. b's brother took the outbound train from chicago to spend the day with us. just three months ago, he could have walked to our house from the station. but now, we have to pick him up twenty minutes from our new home... one of the only drawbacks of our move.

anyway, we enjoyed a good two hours of healthy eating... nothing but the best. a big bowl of doritos for all. beer for the boys. cider for me. juice for isaac. that's what saturdays are made of, if you ask me!

when i saw isaac wanting to toast his uncle drew and dad with his sippy cup {a new thing around here that happens at nearly every meal}, i ran to get my camera. cheating a little, i guess... as "cheers" was to found the sunday before. but better late than never. it still did what it was intended to do... mark a memory of our daily lives and how things are... what we do. what we see. where we're at.


i hope i never forget the way he loves to toast us with his juice and say "cheeeers!" and i hope to never forget the way the light came in through the window and silhouetted him as he hung out with his dad and uncle.

come sunday morning, isaac was happy to awake and find that his toys and balloons from the day before were still there.


and i, too, was happy to wake up and find that it all wasn't just a dream.


Cropped Stories said...

I love your photos! That cheers one is my favorite!

georgia b. said...

thank you, elana!! that is one of my favorite pics, too. even though it was somewhat stage, 'cause i told isaac to toast his uncle, it's still a very in-the-moment shot, and i'm so glad i got it.