preparations for the eve of christmas

i plan to have a quiet, peaceful christmas eve—
just me and my love,
some good food,
as many lit candles as i can find,
maybe a present or two,
the best music,
and joy.

joy because this year my health is so much better than last.
joy because my husband is employed
when half of the last two years he was not.
and mostly, joy because i have the gift of salvation.

i know the first two are circumstantial,
and we can have joy even in the midst
of difficult circumstances.
but i see the first two as blessings,
and i know that every perfect gift
comes from above.

so i am joyous over blessings in good times
and blessings in bad times
and everything in between.

i am joyous, for Christ my Redeemer
has redeemed me.


shilvia said...

magical picture you have...and those joyful poem simply puts a smile on my face!!!i gave you an award...actually two awards...one here and another on jorjah-b...you cant blame me for giving you two, i adore both blogs, and iam unable to decide :)

Sherah said...

Beautiful post :) Your Christmas Eve sounds like it will be completely peaceful... definitely how it should be!

Jane said...

Love the mood your post has evoked in me. Praise God for His Gift!

ELK said...

Amen G ~ peaceful and joyful are good ...always good!

Chris said...


Yes, we are all truly blessed in many ways.

EnnythingGoes said...

just think...you used to say that you were not very creative. :)