afternoon tea with mrs. dalloway

  • weather: gray, but warm and balmy—perfect for tea and reading
  • book: mrs. dalloway by virginia woolf—gifted to me by my best friend, jessi
  • tea: harney & sons green tea with coconut, ginger and vanilla—honey and cream added

i can't think of a better way to spend my rainy-day free time {except perhaps taking pictures, blogging or reading blogs}. windows are open. birds are chirping. distant thunder is rolling. am i in heaven?

what are you doing this fine afternoon?

{as you can see, these photos were taken on a much sunnier day—last monday.}


Grey Street Girl said...

A good book and some lovely tea sounds like the perfect way to spend the rainy afternoon. :) I'll have to try out that tea. It sounds yummy!

Char said...

it was so gorgeous here - high 80's and wall-to-wall sunshine - of course I got out and about.

Char said...

PS - great read and gorgeous shots


apriliniowa said...

It's rainy here today as well. Raspberry trouffle ice cream followed by a nap was calling my name this afternoon but your tea looks/reads terrific. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Ms. Woolf. She's always a keeper.

spread your wings said...

love these shots. that tea sounds delicious. i would love a cup about right now.
today was so incredibly beautiful and i was able to enjoy the entire day outdoors at an art festival with my brother.
rainy days can be so soothing. enjoy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming by and wishing me a happy b-day, you are truly sweet for saying so... I have to admit, I would DO anything to try that tea, being in Japan, I've only had the original, but I like fusion, tea and food... where can I find this? I bet they don't have it here = (

I added you to the blog roll, I think you are fabulous and I am really loving you blog.

Anonymous said...

i would love some rain round here. too hot to drink hot tea.

Claire said...

you have certainly described a bit of heaven there.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i love green tea!

ELK said...


melody said...

sounds heavenly enough to cause a wish for rain.

the images are peaceful, restful, beautiful.

Ida said...

I love love love the first shot! =)

Jekisa Jean said...

can we be neighbors, please?
and have tea reads together?

that would be quite nice i think.

perhaps just as nice as these photos,
which i find to be quite exquisite.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah your photography of your afternoon with Mrs. Dalloway (thought you were visiting with a real mrs. dalloway) sounds and Looks quite delightful.
cruising through your blog is wonderful. and I'm going to add you to mine
peace n abundance