1. something expected; a possibility
  2. chances
  3. financial expectations, especially of success
  4. a potential customer, client, or purchaser
  5. a candidate deemed likely to succeed
  6. the direction in which an object, such as a building, faces; an outlook
  7. something presented to the eye; a scene: a pleasant prospect
  8. the act of surveying or examining

i posted this picture in response to today's shutter sisters post. although the post was titled "bizarre" and this picture is not really bizarre, it was the body of the s.s. post that reminded me of this shot. especially the last part that said this:

"i don't know about you, but it's moments like these when i don't care how ridiculous i look - on my knees with my head 3 inches from the ground. as long as i get the shot."

of course, paige was speaking of her wonderfully bizarre cow shot. but she also used the adjective "other-worldly" and that is what got my attention and got me thinking about this shot. i love other-worldliness {or what i like to think of as ethereal} in photographs. so does my sister. it is why we started our ethereal photography blog. i also identified with the "not caring how ridiculous i looked to get it" part.

that was the case when i took this picture. i was on a fast-moving train to chicago. i had just been told by corporate that my company's branch would be shut down in two months and we all would be out of a job. morale at work was low and the future looked murky, as there just are not many jobs in my niche of the industry out there anymore.

the hubby and i were on our way to see his brother and wife. i was to be treated to drinks at a wine bar down the street from where they live—just my sister-in-law and me, while the boys stayed back at their condo. girls night out—sort of a consolation outing.

while in route, there was a beautiful sunset, and i decided to put my camera on the black and white setting. i was taking pictures of the clouds every now and then, with shots of the inside of the rail car in between. i must have been oblivious to what was outside the car due to the fact that i was either looking at my pictures i had taken on the camera monitor or i was people watching inside the car. as the train swiftly passed through the city of mount prospect, i happened to look up and see the grand gate-like entrance to the city's historic shopping center. i almost missed it. i'm so glad i didn't!

the sun was shining through the trees in the most peaceful way, and with the words "prospect place" silhouetted against the dusky sky, i could not get my camera ready fast enough to capture this sight before the train whisked me away from it. i think i even squealed out something like, "oh my goodness! look, look, look!" i'm certain my husband was quite embarrassed.

but i did not care what he or the other passengers thought. i HAD to get that shot. and it was well worth it! it is one of my favorite shots. and when i looked at it on the camera screen after i took it, it was even more meaningful to me. it was almost like a sign to me—a sign that new prospects were on the horizon for me. that something better lies ahead beyond the job i was at.

this picture was definitely other-worldly to me. and strangely, it was a comfort to me as well.


beth said...

what a great story!!

isn't it amazing how some photos are just photos...something that catches our eye...YET the best photos, at least to the photographer, are the ones captured by the heart !!!

{I actually think I'll do a post on that subject...so we can all share in each others photos that were taken with our hearts, not our eyes !!!...I'll keep you posted on when I do that !!!}

Georgia B. said...

i look forward to seeing it, Beth.

ELK said...
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ELK said...

georgia magical "prospect"!
your black and white photos are a favorite of mine

melody is slurping life said...

This so works in black and white. And my family is quite often embarrassed by my photography exploits. Anything for the shot, right?

popped over from SS.

Char said...

I love this shot - perfect shot for BW and the flare is just icing on the cake. I also love the story that goes with it.

Claire said...

i would love to hear you tell a story in real life because the ones on your posts are brilliant! i feel like a little girl sitting at a grandparent's feet or in their lap whenever you tell a story.