beautiful ~ joyful ~ graceful ~ hopeful ~ peaceful

you are
full of beauty, full of joy, full of grace,
full of hope, full of peace.

you live
and give
these things
more than anyone i've ever known.

you are a picture of grace to me.
you are a picture of humility.
if i am ever even half as patient
and kind as you are,
i will be a better person.

thank you for everything that you do for us.
thank you for your selflessness.
thank you for your love.

happy birthday, mama.
i love you.

{p.s. i also wrote you a birthday tribute.
click here.}


beth said...

OMG....I can only hope I look half that good at 66 !!!

WOW !!!

Susan said...

This reminds of my mother who was my best friend as an adult ... how I miss her.

Char said...

happy birthday to your momma!! she is just lovely and I love what you wrote about her. I need a bit of her patience too.

makes me miss my momma.

Haphazardkat said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!!
She's as beautiful as your tribute to her. :)

spread your wings said...

your mom is very pretty and sounds like a lovely lady - i can see a lot of her in you.

ELK said...

such a tribute to your mom ~you are a sweet daughter I can tell..happy birthday to her!

JLBO said...

Dear Georgia, Her noble heart glows on your Mom's gentle face. You certainly are the daughter she deserves.

EnnythingGoes said...

Thank you. This was very nice. Remember our Jr. choir song...May Christ be seen in me, O Lord, hear Thou my earnest plea; oh, take me, fill me, use me, Lord, till Christ be seen in me.

Now, did you Photoshop that photo? :)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.