hi, again. it's just me again.

{sigh }

and what did you do?

i had one of those days. non-stop busy. had coffee {see below}, got out the door in a rush, stopped at starbucks to talk to some friends who i saw in the window as i drove by, ran late because of it, skipped my trip to caribou coffee for a cup of their incredible hot chocolate {sorry starbucks} as a result, drove to work {way out of my way because of a stretch of construction that is about half the distance of my normal commute}, got to work, started in on a new leg of the project i've been working on, did a lot more "running around" than i usually do at work, left for a few minutes to grab a quick bite to eat, but couldn't use my debit card because i accidentally locked myself out of it {long story}, so no lunch, back to the office, work, work, work, needing to concentrate more than usual, not feeling too well, finished up, drove home, got in some "return phone calls" time while i drove {even though b. hates when i talk on the phone while driving, but i had to arrange several things for this coming weekend with friends and family}, got home, watched the rest of a rerun of the office with the hubby, ordered dinner {thai for our first-date anniversary... see below}, cleaned up and came in here to blog. WHEW!!! now i can catch my breath.

well, at least one of you asked in my last post... did b. see my post below? the answer is yes. before i went to bed last night {he goes to bed earlier than i do lately, as he has to get up earlier}, i put a post-it note on the coffee maker that said, "dear b., please turn me on. love, the monitor".

i had my post open on my blog and ready for him to read upon turning on the monitor. so, yes. he read it. and when i got up and got my coffee {he had left for work already}, i came over to the computer to check e-mails and such. there was a note from him that said, "thanks, love." and he had also dug out the ticket stub from the movie we went to see thirteen years ago {romeo and juliet... the one with claire danes... yes, that's how old we are!}, and set it on the keyboard for me. sweet, no? : )

anyway, we had thai food tonight, although we should have gotten carry-out from the chinese restaurant we went to thirteen years ago. but i got food poisoning from the egg fu yung that night. so i opted for carry-out from a different place tonight. so glad, too. it was sooooooo delicious!

now we are going to watch the day the earth stood still -- the original. we watched the remake last night. we are hoping the original is better than the new one.

{thanks for all your nice comments on the last post, by the way!}

oh... as i was saying before i interrupted myself... what did you do today?


Lisa said...

this is an amazing photo! i love what you've done with it, whatever it is. it's really cool!

let's see...i went to work, went for a run on the harbor, and went to school. pretty much a busy day for me too!

The Curious Cat said...

yikes! Busy, busy - and no lunch? No wonder you didn't feel too well - poor you. You sound like me...you need to slow down a tad - talking on your phone in the car is not a good idea either... Still at least you have a sweet man to come home to at the end of the day for some light relief and relaxing! xxx

georgia b. said...

thanks, lisa. it's a tree on the side of the road, taken while in a moving vehicle. don't worry... i wasn't driving. :)

thanks, curious cat.

Meri said...

Pure sweetness --- your 13th anniversary of the first date post, that is, not the hurry-upness of your day. Now, take a deep breath and let yourself relax. I'm going to get new tires this morning, write some more, and tonight some friends and I are going to a little cafe that has music to hear a Scottish "fiddle" group.

texassky said...

Made plans for my wedding! In Disney World!! And I found a lovely dress at jcrew. Yes, jcrew sells wedding dresses, inexpensive ones I might add. Oh the awesomeness!

By the way, Happy Anniversary to ya'll!

Rochelle said...

awww you guys are so sweet and cute!!! :)