madly falling {part three}

who knew dried-up, brown leaves caught in a chain-link fence could look so beautiful? these little guys were stuck in the fence that is behind our garage. i had not planned on taking photos of them. i was back there to photograph the thousands of yellow leaves that had just fallen from the gorgeous maple tree above the night before. it was like a carpet of gold back there. but i found myself more captivated by these leaves, and my few minutes of free time before work were spent here instead of on the magical yellow carpet.

the sun is trying desparately to be out today... trying so hard that i have to give it credit for trying. the wind died down, the gray is gone and few leaves are left on the trees... as if to say "cold, colorless november is here".

no matter... i still have many more shots of the autumn colors that i can post to get me through this less-than-vibrant month {it is still fall, after all}. and the bleak outdoors just gives me an excuse to practice indoor photography -- something i want to get much better at. i took a bunch of inside shots last night at my brother-in-laws and had a lot of fun with it. here are my favorites.

while some good tunes were playing,

and a hearty autumn pot roast was stewing,

and the chef was preparing,

there was good wine being sipped
with bread and brie
to sustain us until dinner was done...

...all makings for a relaxing evening.

these were the best mashed potatoes
i've had in a long time!
{with fresh rosemarry... yum.}

isn't she cute?

i started photographing this fork
and was so enamored by how
the inability to focus in the low light
turned it into a bokehlicious work of art.

they have the prettiest chandelier
that hangs above their table.
it made for some fun photos,
{really cool bokeh, too}
more of which i will post tomorrow.

we had so much fun, as we always do.
oh, and i'm pretty sure...

{bro-in-law, sis-in-law and b.}

thanks for a fun evening, drew and jillian! a night of laughter, comfort food and scary movies is just what we needed. you guys are the best!

here's to a happy and healthy month of november! i plan to use it all as a time of expressing all the things i have to be thankful for -- why wait until the 26th, right?


~Hurricane B~ said...

I loove, love the pictures of the wine glass. I think you are good at indoor photography already.=) Your fall posts made me stop and notice the fall here. I complained of not having thr pretty fall like in the states. It was like God and Belgium herself was saying " excuse moi"..what about all these pretty trees and houses covered in leaves you drive by everyday. I have been so caught up in getting used to the kids being here that I drove by the stuff everyday. So I will get some pics of that up soon. I am glad to hear you had a good Halloween. Thank you for making me stop and appreciate what I had around me.

april in iowa said...

The third photograph of the leaves against the fence is terribly wonderful, Georgia.
& a night spent with family that you love (and comfort food and pinot noir no less) is my idea of a good good time. The pot on the stove against that beautifully gleaming tile backsplash was rather nice, too. It exudes all things comforting. Hope you had a happy halloween. :)

sweetmyrtle said...

happy november to you...what a fun time you have had with your family! i am in need of practicing indoor shots... my camera 'hunts' in low light levels and i don't like using flash as it flattens the image.

i wanted to let you know that you have won a Morsbag! pop over to sweetmyrtle to see.
also i think we may be on for our november theme... just got to sort out a button (unless you want to ... let me know).
it is late here and nearly time to 'retire'to bed... oh delicious bed... it is calling. have a great rest of your Sunday.
warm wishes
ginny x

Anonymous said...

I love that photo of the pot on the stove, really nice. My obsession with HGTV might be coming through.

Shalice said...

This is one of those dinner parties you want to throw AND get invited to seen through yours and only your unique and keen eye. Love it friend - especially the pot and tile picture!

:: elk :: said...

looks like fun was had by all ...your photos are so artistic G!!