music.two {desafinado}

open air
~stan getz

pssst.... push play below.


as you can see and hear, desafinado by stan getz is playing. this is my second post in a series of posts related to music. last time i wrote about my brother's influence on my musical tastes, which is more on the current or modern music i listen to. but anything old school like jazz or classical is almost completely my father's doing {i guess a little of my mother's, too}.

anyway, what you are listening to right now is a series of notes that positively spell d. a. d. for me. i hear this piece and i can't think of anything but my father. this was one of his favorites, and growing up in my home, it was played all the time... i mean ALL the time! there are a few other pieces that he loved as much and gave equal amount of airtime to, like feels so good by chuck mangione, birdland by maynard ferguson, take the a train by duke ellington, and take five by dave brubeck. those all have the same effect when i hear them... they make me smile and think of nothing more strongly than dad. they are all now loved by his children just as much, but i think this one is probably my favorite.

so i was so delighted when i plugged in my earphones at work today and saw that one of my coworkers had this 1962 recording by getz and byrd called jazz samba on his i-tunes. i started playing it {desafinado is the first track}, and it instantly brought the broadest smile to my face. it put me in the best mood. partly because it caused such warm memories of my father to surface, but also because it's just plain feel good music. i love when music does that. i love that music can do that.

i'm pretty sure i owe my love of jazz to papa. this is not one of my november gratitude posts, but i'll say it anyway... i am so grateful that my parents raised us in a musical home and instilled a deep appreciation for good music in us.

i hope you enjoyed it. go ahead... listen to it again when it's done. it won't be on my blog forever.


margie said...

stan getz, music for lovers.

spread your wings said...

it IS great that music can do that. thanks for sharing