still just me. {you weren't expecting anyone else, were you?}

what did you do?

{very tired. still not feeling well. b. wants me to go to the doctor. i'm holdin' out. hopefully i'll be back to my old self by the week end. at least tomorrow is friday. oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for getting here, dear friday.}


ginny said...

hello georgia,
i am thankful that it is friday today and even more thankful that we have a free weekend with no commitments... i am also thankful that my daughter is returning from a trip away today (she went on wednesday).
yesterday was busy ... i showed a few of my photos at a local craft fair for the first time... i was very nervous but got some great feedback:) and a possible commission!
hope your friday is a good one.... take care and rest up my friend x

ELK said...

yes..thankful..thinking of you...elk

S. Etole said...

may your week-end be peaceful and full of good health

Toni said...

I, too, am thankful today is Friday. I need this weekend to restore. I hope you're feeling better, Georgia.

PS I'm having a giveaway. =)

spread your wings said...

i think it's really cool the way you are doing the "i" series.
what did i do? friends took me out for my birthday.

i sure hope you are feeling better soon. rest well over the weekend.

Peter Tschirhart said...

I bought a pair of sturdy winter boots for C. been loving your posts lately, Get well g.

Steve Gravano said...

Peace and rest for the weekend. Feel better.