o love, o fire!

o love, o fire!
i've not read much tennyson, but i liked these few lines. what about you? do you read much tennyson?

i had a very long day... one of those days where everything at work that could go wrong, did go wrong. i had to stay late to finish the things i could not get to earlier in the day, as i was busy trying to put out fires instead. so it's a short and sweet post tonight. another for my "ten days of love".

we are supposed to get one to two feet of snow. yikes! i think this will be a long week. busy at work. long, snowy commutes. it's only monday and i'm ready for the weekend.

well, i hope your week is off to a better start than mine. stay warm and safe if you live in these parts and are bracing for snow!


Lisa said...

i absolutely adore the way you photograph light. you make it look absolutely dazzling, so hazy and dreamy. what a perfect quote for the photo--and i haven't read much tennyson myself. :P

i hope your week goes by really really fast! <3

Toni said...

Chin up, Georgia! Just remember how clean and pretty new fallen snow is and all the photo ops it affords. I hope Tuesday (and the rest of the week) go better for you.

slommler said...

I hope your week improves as time goes on. Love the photo!! My week started off terrific!!! So I am looking forward to having a super week.

Steve Gravano said...

They are talking about a foot or so for the east coast. I'm not looking forward to it anymore. I'm done with winter.

S. Etole said...

the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue here today ... what a difference a day can make

The Curious Cat said...

I haven't really read much Tennyson but I do like those lines...very vivid xxx