waiting for spring

waiting for spring
"love's gentle spring doth always fresh remain."
~ william shakespeare

i used this photo of spring blossoms to go with today's post at shutter sisters. you may have noticed in my first two "ten days of love" posts that i created a little heart out of the leaves or flowers {with the magic of photoshop }. but this time, the leaf in the photo actually was heart-shaped. so no fancy manipulation needed.

i left the house at 8:00 a.m. for work yesterday, and did not arrive back at my doorstep until thirteen hours later. very long busy day. and long commutes, just like i anticipated. so i had no time to post, and i missed a day of my "ten days of love" posts.

oh, well. i'll just have to post twice today. the sun is out. the roads are being plowed as i type, and i'm hoping for a shorter day and time to work out tonight {since i had to miss it the last two nights }.

ishing you love and hope today. hang on! spring is on the way! have a happy day!


S. Etole said...

thanks for the touch of spring ... and love

Janet Oberholtzer said...

Beautiful picture!

And I'm waiting for spring with you. I'm in SE Pennsylvania and we're having another snow storm today :(

slommler said...

Love your photo!! It is amazing where you can find hearts in nature.
I am so wanting spring too!!! Snow every day is getting rather depressing.

Alicia said...

i've got so much catching up to do!!! i'm so far behind on following... your spring photo just set off a whole spring yearning that i've been trying to push down!! (especially because we are in the middle of a mid-winter blizzard in the city!)

beautiful photo! hope your day isn't so long - those long days just take it right out of you!

beth said...

I just took some outside photos this past weekend too where all the hearts where already there in nature just waiting for me to find them.....

spread your wings said...

these lovely trees will be in blossom before you know it.

Jamie said...

Spring is definitely on the way - especially in the NW! I was shocked to see our clematis climing again this weekend and dafodills popping out of the ground. Even the cherry blossoms which usually don't bloom till April have the most delicious pink buds on them. Soooooo excited for spring!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a happy day too!
Julie T:)

Kara said...

Lovely pic - I don't think I would have noticed the heart if you hadn't pointed it out :) And I can't wait for Spring, because Texas is especially brown and dull right now.

Char said...

beautiful redbuds