fascinated by {trees, like people }... and thank you for noticing

dipped in blue

i have a thing for trees. you may have already noticed, since i often label my posts fascinated by trees and have a gallery button {named the same } in my sidebar for all my tree photography.

i know a lot of photographers love to take pictures of trees {some of which i've featured on my ...shhhh blog -- a place where i like to show inspiring work of other photographers }. what's not to love about taking pictures of trees? they are as diverse as people, and sometimes every bit as interesting. and like people, you can photograph them in groups, or in solitude... you can photograph them far away or very up close and personal. pretty much any way you might photograph a person, you can photograph a tree... even looking up to them. and just the way a people-picture looks good in black and white, often so does a tree.

anyway, all this to say, my love for trees and photographing them was what made me join the flickr group called the beauty of trees. from time to time, i will add one of my favorite tree photos to the pool, and it's always nice, because i'll peruse the pool for other inspiring tree shots while i'm there. another nice benefit of adding photos to the pool is having other photographers see my photos there and stop by my photo to comment. it's an inspiring little community within the grand world of flickr.

but never has this happened until my last addition to the group... on sunday, someone came to my photo and awarded it with "the beauty of trees fave star award" {thanks, rockczar!} and asked me to add it to the award stream. hooray! i had never before received a flickr award, so that was fun for me! and it was an honor to be among all of the others in that award stream. if you like trees as much as i do, you should go check it out! there are some really beautiful images in there.

{also... thank you, merideth... for the link love to my tree photo in your shutter sisters post today. i felt doubly blessed, especially since you are one of my favorite photographers! it's so nice to be recognized.}

do you like tress as much as me?? please, oh please... won't you leave me a link to a favorite tree photo that you took?


Meri said...

My favorite tree photo, right now at least, is the one I posted here http://meriak.blogspot.com/2009/11/fall-color.html. I took it in upstate New York last fall. There are other tree photos I like, but this one excites me because at first it looks like a single tree, and then you notice that there are two. It's as if they are huddled together for protection or conversation. And the white fence is pretty scenic.

Anonymous said...

This is my fave tree that I've taken photos of, although I have a few others I like, too.


Congrats on the flickr award.

georgia b. said...

thanks, guys.