feeling greatly inspired


i feel strangely inspired today.
like big-time inspired!

i think it might have to do with a few things
that jumped out at me over the past several hours.
two of those things are some words
i saw on two blogs this morning.

the other thing is the words i saw in a comment
that i received {on my last post } when i got home.

sometimes negativity can actually inspire you
more than positivity does.
and then when it does,
it makes those sweet words stand out even more.

here are the three things i read...

"be the joy you want to see."
{thanks for having this on your blog, curious cat }

"always when judging
who people are,
remember to footnote
the words, 'so far'.
~robert brault
{thanks for having this on your blog, jacs23 }

"there are things you do
because they feel right
& they may make no sense
& they may make no money
& it may be the real reason
we are here:
to love each other
& to eat each other's cooking
& say it was good.
~story people
{thanks for leaving this in a comment, jamie }

how odd that a negative comment should stoke such a fire of inspiration in me. i'll admit... i'm human, and i was initially bothered by the hurtful comment that i wrote about in my last post.

but i can honestly say, it took me about 10 minutes to get over it. all it did was inspire me more. to write better. to take better photos. to be better. i say this, because somewhere in all your thoughtful comments, one of you mentioned that i should not let what the negative commenter wrote bother me, as it would only give them satisfaction that they accomplished what they set out to do.

but truthfully, it did not bother me nearly as much as it made me feel bad for the person who wrote it or nearly as much as it made me feel good about myself and my whole-hearted go of it to be artistic in some way every single day. i actually have more confidence today than i did yesterday! like a ton more! yahoo!!!!!

some of you may think that spending a single minute on it or writing one word about it is a waste and only keeps reintroducing a bad vibe into the air... sort of giving too much for that negativity to feed on. but i don't see it that way. like i said, it just fueled my desire to be creative.

in my writing about it, i tried to put as much of a positive and constructive spin on it as i could. and so did some of you in your comments. and even if you didn't... it's all good! it's behind me. and it did the opposite of what that person set out to do. it pumped me up. i can't wait to practice taking picture this weekend! i can't wait to write about and post some of the recent pictures i've taken! i can't wait to go see what other bloggers are doing out there!

have a happy and joyful weekend.

be inspired.


beth said...

it's amazing where we get our inspiration and yours is coming from one of the most unlikely of all places even imaginable...a hurtful comment !

so run with it....run like the wind and write and photograph and use that pumped up feeling to float to the highest of places....

Heather said...

Lovely!!! You go girl. I'll do the same and we'll compare ;)

Kim Klassen said...

you go Georgia.... so proud of you!!

what a wonderful attitude....

xxo, kim
p.s. i will email you tomorrow. :)

slommler said...

Great attitude and wonderful post! Can't wait to see your new photos

Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful colors in the sky. Excellent.

nacherluver said...


S. Etole said...

I like the blending of the colors in the sky ...

Rochelle said...

I hope that when I get my first "Sooo Not Very Nice" anonymous comment (and I'm sure I will)that I will be able to let it inspire me to do more - to keep on keeping on too. As for you - you are an amazing photographer and writer so ... rock on!

The Curious Cat said...

:)You are a very thoughtful and interesting person you know that? I'm glad you have found the good in this situation and taken so much from it. Glad Dawn's quote also helped like I said xxx