sneak peek

almost two
i had the pleasure of going to see one of my very best friend's new baby girl last tuesday night. i drove down after work so that i could take some pictures of her at her mom's request.

while i was waiting for the newborn to be dressed in her finest by her momma, i found myself grabbing some snapshots of her proud big sister and her doll.

i got several shots that night that i need to go through and pick out the best of, but in the meantime, i thought i would post this adorable pic of the older girl. {well, i thought it was adorable at least.} she had wandered away into the kitchen lost in wonder at something she saw. she was crackin' me up the whole night! quite the self-entertaining little girl.

she has developed so much more character and personality since the last time i saw her and got to photograph her. she is very sweet and protective of her little doll, so i know she is going to make a great big sister, too.

i was honored to photograph such a big event in my friends' lives. but i was also grateful for the opportunity to practice my people-picture taking. more to come... some newborn pics, more big sis pics, and a few of mom and dad holding the little one.

{by the way... a few of you told me after seeing my new lookers and leapers project that people photography is my strength. i thank you for that encouragement, as i really love to take pictures of people and i've never quite known what to narrow in on for a photography niche. this just may be something i pursue. thank you for your push in that direction.}


Angela H. said...

super cute

Steve Gravano said...


slommler said...

Great photo of such an adorable little girl!! Loving her tights! LOL!!

Rochelle said...

awww :)

i love, love, love your people pics.

and hey congrats to S and her hubby on the new little one :)

so sorry to hear i missed you swinging by :( i was actually off work that day i think, bummer! we def should get together soon though, we don't live that far from each other :)

love & miss you sweet friend!!

mrs mediocrity said...

that is a beautiful photo...love it!

Toni said...

What a cutie, Georgia!!