how i love your feet that carry the most precious cargo

happy birthday, mr. b!

dear, b.

there are more than a million things i love, appreciate and adore about you. but since i'm sure neither of us will live to be a million years old, i'll take the opportunity on your 40th to tell you forty of those things.

you have, hands down, the nicest friends i have ever known anyone to have. that says so very much about you.

you love to read and acquire books... but more importantly, you get them to read them... not to sit on a shelf like a trophy or a collector's item, but to sit by your side... ready at any moment to be picked up, read, cherished, absorbed, consumed. and you are not afraid to bend the edge of the cover or pages, because you know that things bend. things change. far better for them to bend and lose their perfection and monetary worth, but be loved and appreciated, than for them to be pristine and "resellable" some day, but never once cherished and soaked up by your sponge of a mind. i absolutely love that about you.

that i have to look up to you when i stand at your side, because you are tall... in stature, yes. but also in integrity and forgiveness and care. even though i physically have to look up to you, mentally and emotionally and intellectually, i choose to look up to you.

all the many ways you remind me of my father... especially your blue, smiling eyes.

your discipline and responsible attitude that always keeps going, even when days are rough.

the memory of you whimsically climbing a tree in front of my house {when we were dating } so that when i came to greet you at the front door {when you came over for breakfast one day }, i would find you there instead of at the door. that was when i knew i really liked you.

you are content with and find joy in simple things... like instead of feeling like you have to own the latest and greatest technology and always upgrade your iPod to the newest, biggest model that will fit a bajillion songs on it, you don't even own one, because you are content with a $1.50 vinyl recording of bob dylan and can't wait to get home to listen to it with all its crackles and nostalgia.

the fact that you clean the bathroom every time we clean the house together, and you do it so much better than i could.

that you had my engagement ring custom designed and you helped in the design process.

the fact that you do your own laundry.

you are old school and have an old soul.

how you make me an island, and that you know that such a simple act can soothe my day or mind or spirit.

you can make so many people laugh with your perfectly timed, subtle and clever words.

you are so very patient, and would never yell at someone for taking too long to answer you or for not answering you the right way or for not speaking loud enough.

your calm spirit.

all the music you have introduced me to and caused me to admire. sometimes your taste and knowledge about music astounds me. it's truly one of the greatest benefits and gifts that comes with knowing you.

your love for your family.

the smile you had as a boy... makes my heart melt every time i see one of your childhood photos.

seeing how good you are with children of friends and family... knowing you will make a great father, too.

YOU DO DISHES!!! {you're doing them as i write. i'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.}

every one of the "pet" names you've ever given me... some that you've been using since day one {like "smacs"}. and how you are always coming up with new ones, too {like "mrs. beasley"}.

your striped socks. all your socks, actually. there's just something about socks on you that's just so adorable. i've always thought so.

when you decide you want something, you just go and do it!... like your motor cycle license. keep that up! that kind of drive will get you places. you can do anything, love!

the little notes you've left me throughout all the time we've known each other. i've kept every single one.

so many think you are such a nice guy... and i know why. you are!

you appreciate so many things about me.

you are an encouragement to me in my photography... though you may not like every photo i take, you tell me i'm talented and give me your honest opinion. i know that if you ever got into photography too, you would not spend all your time showing me your photos with nothing to say about mine. you would give {and have given } me feedback that i very much value. you take the time to see what i see and have something to say about it each time.

you try more and more with time to make me happy in any way you can. i see you trying more and more to meet me in the middle, and thus feel your commitment to me.

when you wear jeans and a white t-shirt... hubba hubba.

you are a hat person. not everyone can pull off hats... especially so many kinds. you can.

you've read the entire bible in a year. that impresses me very much.

your discipline in working out to take care of your body inspires me to do the same.

you can fix things.

how much you love the mountains.

your willingness to meet me in the middle.

how you make me your own hand-made or your own computer-designed cards instead of buying them, and when you do buy them, you always pick the very best artistic cards that you somehow know i will love.

you are not pompous. not even close. you are humble and kind. and so many are drawn to you because of it.

i love that many years ago, we survived a flooded tent, horrendous thunder storms and a sleepless night while camping, and realized that day how well we could work together.

you are a pretty darn good cook, and an even better griller... can't wait to buy a grill this year and start using it soon!

you have forgiven the very worst in me and shown me the truest of loves that i will ever know.

HAPPY HAPPY birthday, mr. b!

i pray that you are blessed and provided for in your forty-first year. i pray that all the things you hope and dream for come true. i pray that we will find the answers and direction we seek. i pray we will only get closer, forget what is behind, press on toward what is ahead and learn so much about love and life in the process. thank you for loving me.



beth said...

what a wonderful tribute....
being lucky in love is such a gift and sometimes we really need to stop and see it for what it is....and thank the lord for being so blessed !

georgia b. said...

i couldn't agree more, beth. i think the key to what you said is "we really need to stop and see it for what it is"... something i have recently done that really changed my thinking and my outlook.

Meri said...

Loving someone that much makes life so rich! He is obviously a keeper. I'd like to find a keeper, too.

S. Etole said...

how wonderful to love and be loved in such measure ... birthday greetings to your dear one

slommler said...

Love this rich is priceless!! Beautiful tribute.

ELK said...

happy birthday to a lucky guy :)

maccandace said...

Happy birthday to your husband, he sounds very special.

Toni said...

I must admit that I didn't read them, Georgia. I felt like an interloper into something private, but what I did read tells me he must be a keeper. Happy birthday to Mr. B.

Steve Gravano said...

Mr. b, happy birthday, you have one special lady there.

mrs mediocrity said...

Oh, so lovely, it is beautiful that the two of you have found each other. And that you are able to cherish him this much, now, and be aware of it.
So many people aren't able to appreciate what they have every day right there in front of them.

georgia b. said...

yes, m.m. you are so right. and that is exactly what i am try to do here... appreciate what i DO have. thank you.

jacs23 said...

what a wonderful gift of beautiful and genuine words...so happy that you have someone so special in your life...and so happy he has you. I once heard, "be choosey with who you allow to be close to you, as the 6 closest people in your life, reflect who you are becoming," -- sounds like you're a pretty amazing person! Thanks for sharing such a great tribute to love! ><>

Sandy K. said...

Keep celebrating, my friend. He sounds wonderful, and loved, and loving...a soul mate. We do need to treasure the special people in our lives. What a fabulous tribute. Well done:)

georgia b. said...

i like that, jacs. thanks for sharing that.

EnnythingGoes said...

i think you would have kept going if he had been 80! this is a tribute to him...and to you! i love you both. you know that.

Rochelle said...

oh wow, that was so lovely and heartfelt! i couldn't help myself in reading every single point and just relishing in all the love there. really neat way to focus on all positives and his good attributes. this is inspiring. :) happy birthday b!