i'm over here.
all week.
but i will try
to make some appearances
at this space, too.
i was thinking i might use
this week to post some
florida photos here
from WAAAAY back when.
remember when i went last april?
well, i only got about one tenth
of those photos put up here.
that's me.
: )

and since i don't have those ready yet...
here are a couple more from the shoot i've been
posting pics of these past couple of days.

a mother's joy
i got about 60 shots this day.
this one was tied with the elmo shot
for my favorite photo of the group.
it's blurry... i know.
but i LOVE blurry shots!
you should know that about me by now.
and i just love the joy
and candidness of this pic.

now you finally get to see the newborn.
i need to get some more close-up
pictures of her posted soon.
i'll have to do that when i get home from work.
she's a sweety for sure!

and since shutter sisters
prompted us today to show a kiss
or some visual bliss...

cascading kisses
hope to see you at 2 blessed beyond belief {which will be more like 3 b.b.b. for a time }.

{p.s. kim and prairie girl {{the force behind 2bbb }} like to converse back and forth every day over there. and they've invited me to do the same along with them. but please don't feel like it's a private space where you are not free to leave a comment. i happen to know they love to hear from people! so don't let our convo stop you. join in on the fun!}

oh, and have a fabulous week!


beth said...

have a great week "visiting and blogging"

slommler said...

Love the blurry photo too!! Shows such joy! And "the kiss" is fabulous!!

S. Etole said...

you caught a lot of tenderness in that last photo ...

sMacThoughts said...

You are reminding me of the negatives I still have hanging up which I need to cut apart and SCAN (sheesh!) from my last trip up to the family summer home in New England. Ugh.