baby + elmo = sweet

baby + elmo = sweet
while taking pics of my friend's newborn, the firstborn two-year-old big sister was climbing around on the couch and pushed elmo over into the shot.

it turned out to be serendipitous, because this was my favorite picture of the whole shoot! i just love how elmo almost seems real... like he is looking at the baby with affection. {*smile*}

i love happy accidents!

i went through the rest of the photos from this shoot, and i found some i really like. i may be posting more later, but i thought i'd put up one more for now. i couldn't resist. this one just makes me smile! i hope it made you smile, too.

{p.s. i'll probably be less visible over here throughout the coming week, as i will be guest posting all week over at 2BBB. i am looking forward to it! i hope you'll visit, too. we can be co-visitors together!}


Char said...

it is a cute cute shot

Kim Klassen said...

hi georgia
i adore this sweet image!! ♥

we are soo excited to have you on


S. Etole said...

you were in the right place at the right time with this one ...

Toni said...

What a cute shot! Elmo does seem to be alive here. Sounds like a fun time taking photos of the new baby and family.

The Curious Cat said...

It is a very cute image! :) xxx

Oliag said...


Meri said...

Adorable - now I'm going to find where you've been hanging out.