because i feel it's what i was born to do

because i feel it's what i was born to do

on the wall
next to my computer, where i do most of my creating, hangs a found vintage wooden store sign letter "g" and a new store-bought metal letter "b"... forming my initials. and on top of the "g" is a metal figure of my favorite word and mantra... "create". {you may recall seeing photos of it before.}

it hangs there as a daily reminder... to never stop creating any thing, any way i possibly can. {it's probably the reason i love the slogan for the paper company, paper source... "do something creative every day".}

{...in response to merideth's shutter sisters post today. i was going to post some dandelion pictures today. but then i saw merideth's word-photo prompt, so i had to shoot and then post this instead. you know how much i love words and typography!}

{p.s. thank you for all the kind feedback about my new banner... it looks like it's a keeper. yay! glad you all liked it as much as i do. and thank you for going on my walk with me in my last post. i loved all your comments! have i told you all lately how much i like and appreciate you? I DO!}


slommler said...

Love the photo of your initials. Great idea!

~Hurricane B~ said...

I am glad you remind yourself to create, because you make it seem so effortless and wonderful. So keep on believing in that sign. Because there are those of us our here, who might not comment all the time, that just love to see what you create.

georgia b. said...

thank you, bridgette. what a super sweet thing to say.

mrs mediocrity said...

That is so you, just perfect.
create. as you do, everyday. create.

Lisa said...

Awww, this is such a cool photo! I love it. :) And I love how you've got that arranged, that in itself is creative. I agree with Bridgette, keep creating, because you are for sure a source of inspiration to me! Who knows what other lives you are touching every single day without even knowing it? Thanks for sharing all that beauty inside you! <3

georgia b. said...

thanks, all.

and thank you, lisa, for saying that. i sincerely hope to touch others lives, so i am grateful for your words.