dandy lion

one day you look down,

and the sun is shining up at you.

look up {two}

and then not too long after that,

you look up and it's something altogether new,

and it's granting you a wish.

just dandy

as a child i did it... you probably did it too.

whether it was upon a shooting star

or the wispy seeds of a dandelion

or the tall, thin candles of your birthday cake...

you made a wish and believed it would come true.


now i'm an adult

and my wishing for things has vanished

along-side those weightless seeds

with that last forceful breath upon a feathery, white ball.

it's different now.

wishes have become longings.



but my child-like faith remains.

and i still say the word from time to time.

in greetings...

"i wish you the best"

"warmest wishes"

"wishing you a lovely {insert word here }"

or in jest...

"i really wish i could..."

~ ~ ~

now i long and yearn for so many things...

oh, that it were that easy

to be granted the desires of your heart

by freeing every last seed

or dousing every last flame

with a single


this verse comes to mind.

"delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you

the desires of your heart."
~psalm 37:4


i can do that.

in fact, i want to.

i aim to.

wishing you a lovely day.

{oh, and i sincerely mean that... i'm not just saying it in jest.}


beth said...

it is that easy for me.... most days :)

i still believe in childlike things...the adult world isn't always the best...

so i blow away on those seeds !

nacherluver said...

Beautiful post!

Hi Kooky said...

Well, you are on a roll lately with beautiful posts. Such poetic words and gorgeous text/photo combinations. LOVE the dandelion "Wish" shots. Such nostalgia - it took my breath away. Your expressions are inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing.

slommler said...

I believe and I wish and I dream and I create!!! Who says I have to grow up and be grounded. I want to fly!!!!!!!

ginny said...

such a beautiful post x

S. Etole said...

you, too, Georgia ... you, too

Meri said...

Wishing you the desires of your heart. The photos are magical, by the way. And "Hi Kooky" is right you know. You're on a roll!

Jen said...

Great choice of words. Writing is hard for me so I only comment once in a while but know that I do check in every day to see what amazing pics you've taken and to see what you are thinking about.

jill said...

never give up on childlike wishes...they keep us smiling and believing! :-)

i just love that photo looking up through that HUGE dandelion!

Anonymous said...

your posts are always a source of inspiration. i adore that first photo. like, a lot.


xo Alison

g e o r g i a said...

This was so Beautiful! You are very creative!

Kim Klassen said...

gosh i so love your thoughts here sweet georgia.. and the verse.. just perfect....

love to you!! xxo, kim
(oh i'm not just saying that in jest... 'smile' i mean it)

mrs mediocrity said...

I LOVE these photos all of them, although I think the first one is my favorite! Oh wishes...it is always good to be wishing, aspiring, hoping...always good...that was beautiful.

georgia b. said...

thank you, friends.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I'm so happy you visited my blog so I could meet you and discover your delightful corner of the blogosphere. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos and reading your beautiful words.

bekkah said...

beautiful images and words to accompany them :)

Aron said...

That's an amazing set of photos!

Kristin said...

I think wishes are baby prayers.

lissa said...

love all the photos - makes one want to dream

ELK said...

i am always amazed and so happy to see how you can create such meaningful post using such a special yet common weed...may your wishes come true dear friend!!

Heather said...

Love these photos!! They are amazing. Wishing you a lovely day, too:)

Prairie Girl Studio said...

oh honey ... thanks for your lovely comments on my little dandelions ... but seriously you have caught the absolute exquisite beauty of this stage of these wonders of nature ...
ahhh ... love this 'and the sun is shining up at you' ...
you have given great tribute to the dandelion with this post ... just beautiful!
and you have given us all thought to remembering and holding tight to our childhood wishes ...
blessings to you ~
prairiegirl xoxo

Melissa said...

Lovely post...so touching in many ways. Glad to meet you,you have an amazing talent here!

Lisa said...

beautiful. i firmly believe that if we could just grasp on to that childlike faith...we could do anything.