i was right... the path was still there.

but this time, instead of being covered
with the shadows of long, lean tree trunks,
it was covered in lacy shadows of a million leaves...
leaves made with the abundant rain we have been given this spring.

sometimes the path led me through dense groups of trees

and other times out into wide open spaces.
forest preserve

and as i walked along its twists and turns,
dirt in some places and mulch-covered in others,
i saw many a wild flower...
flower triptych

so many interesting things to see...
from the lifeless trunk of this large, old tree,
dead tree

to one of the tiniest of living creatures.

but my favorite part of the entire walk was coming across
this small group of fern leaves
that were somehow left in the path just as you see them here.
fern leaves
it did not seem that they were there naturally,
rather that someone had picked them and then placed them down...
i have no idea why.
but i loved the way the bright green leaves
looked against the dark brown mulch,
and i was not about to pass up an opportunity to photograph them.

maybe this was what i was meant to freeze in time...
before the foot of a passer-by should disturb them.
so i did.

fern leaves
after capturing them as i had found them,
i gathered them up and laid them out in a line...
almost the way you might see them in a botanical drawing.
fern leaves

but then i felt the need to create a word.
LIVE felt most appropriate,
and was not too long a word
for the amount of leaves i had to work with.
fern leaves
so LIVE it was.

just a few steps further along the path,
i realized where the leaves came from...
a very large patch of wildly growing ferns.
it was rather lovely... almost jungle-esque and very magical.
fern leaves
i do love ferns.
i tried to grow them at our last house on a hill,
hoping they would take over a shaded area of our yard.
they make me think of southern, warmer climates.
i guess that is what i love about them.
well, maybe it is their detail and pattern, too.

anyway, please don't report me to the forest preserve police.
i swear i did not pick these...
but seeing as they were already detached,
i decided to bring them home and make some cards with them.
i thought of leaving my LIVE there for someone else to see.
but then i realized that this little happenstance was just between me and the path.
and so i kept them.
in my hand.
in my heart.
in my mind.
and in my camera... that i might share them with you, too.
our little secret.
fern leaves

and there you have it... my sunday {photo } walk.

have a happy week.
and LIVE!
{i was not all that happy with how most of my photos turned out,
but this one was definitely my favorite of the bunch.}


Hi Kooky said...

Oh Georgia! Gorgeous!!! So exciting to look at. Just beautiful. Love it. Love the leaf artwork. :)

ELK said...

i was doing ok until I got to the ferns...i got a little choked up...not sure why but I am so happy that your photography affects me in this way...

chasity said...

loved going on the walk with you~
hiking in the woods is one of my favorite things to do.

wild growing ferns are so magical.

ferns...and moss-covered rocks.

great photos georgia~

Valerie said...

What beautiful pictures! I love seeing all the green and feeling like it's actually Spring out!


S. Etole said...

This was just the best walk ... the ferns ... beautiful!

slommler said...

What a lovely walk we have had. I too love ferns!! How wonderful that you found those fronds. Perfect!!

g e o r g i a said...

Georgia, is it?,lol., Love your blog! I love to see what other photographers see and capture! I have been a learn as I go photographer, it is mostly my hobby, passion, I do it as a "job" part time!
ps, your ferns are awesome, I have one fern picture, I am going to post it on thurs. you'll have to check it out!

georgia b. said...

i definitely will, georgia.

so nice to "meet" you!
: )

littlehouse said...

So serene :) Have you found 'walk with me' on flickr? http://www.flickr.com/groups/1235006@N25/
You should add all this :)

Michel said...

that last image is a gem for sure!!! your secret's safe with me!!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

oh, the photos were ALL wonderful! But your are right, that last one is a show stopper! I love ferns too, something about them makes me think of quiet forest beds...sun streaming down through the leaves, that smell of woods. And the little gift that someone left you was perfect. I think you should frame one.

Steve Gravano said...

Awesome collection, the fourth image of the path reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.
I love the fern photos, even the picked leaves. I have ferns growing under my backdoor patio. I don't think you can kill them except with too much sunlight.

Ryan B said...

INSANELY COOL!!!!! (I would've left the lettering on the path)

You are so very talented and creative with your photography. Very inspiring.

georgia b. said...

thanks, r.b.!
so glad you stopped by.

ginny said...

i LOVE the leaf word.. what a beautiful forest walk... just what you need to feel alive... gorgeous photos as always ,
: )

Anonymous said...

Really, you weren't that happy with your photos? I think they're all just beautiful, such lush greens, I wish I could have gone on that walk, too. You got a great bunch of photos.

georgia b. said...

oh, thanks, candace... and everyone!

i enjoyed sharing them with you.

Oliag said...

What a beautiful walk georgia!...thanks for taking us along...

Love the new header!

Lisa said...

Awww! Can I please, please come there and go for a walk with you?? :) I am craving some place with woods. I am craving a place that feels like countryside, wild and fresh and beautiful. It's so suffocating in the city some days! I need to go find some nature! <3

georgia b. said...

yes, lisa!! please do. that would be such a blast, and such a pleasure to meet you.

25BAR said...

Nice colours!
And that's a lot of hard work!
Well done!
I'd like to see more!

Jess said...

How fascinating to find the leaves upon the path like that! I love how you bring us along from discovering them, to rearranging/reorganizing them... to bringing them home. I equally love them against the brown path or against your bright blue jeans. Lovely post, thank you for sharing it!