because picking just one is just way too difficult, so i posted them all

now, for a little "holly-go-lightly meets mary poppins"...

jessi leap {one}

jessi leap {two}

jessi leap {eight}

jessi leap {four}

jessi leap {five}

jessi leap {ten}

jessi leap {nine}
{i tried playing around with the processing
on all of the above images...
although i was not quite sure what i was doing.
i was just winging it, really.}

jessi leap {three}

{i LOVE the form of her jump in the shot below.
i just wish the lighting had been better.}

jessi leap {twelve}

jessi leap {six}

jessi leap {seven}

{i think the shot below was my favorite jump shot of the day,
partly because there was a break in the clouds... blue sky!}

jessi leap {thirteen}
i got such a great response
and such wonderful feedback on my red umbrella photo
{the one in my last post },
both here on this blog,
and in flickr-land!

i was so pleased with how
this just-for-fun photo shoot turned out...
especially since i had the biggest blast taking the photos.
but i did not imagine i would get such nice
hoots and hollers from you all.
and i am so appreciative of every word!
thank you!

okay... i won't keep you in suspense any longer
the beauty you see in these umbrella shots
is my best friend.
as i mentioned in my last post,
i am designing her wedding invitations,
and we took these photos
the day she came over to finalize the invitation design.
we got all of our work done,
and rewarded ourselves with a trip
to the gorgeous historic woodstock square
{in the town where i grew up }.
it was overcast,
but still a perfect day for photos.

when i saw the ensemble my friend had shown up in
{very french 1960s-esque },
i knew right away that i wanted to take her picture.

i said, "all we need is a cute umbrella."
then she said, "oh, i have a red one in my car."
that is what i call serendipity!
we could not have planned this if we tried!
so off we went.

i'm so glad she did not break her ankle in the process...
i mean, her wedding is in july!

i still have many more photos of her to share.
but i thought i would get in all my jumping shots in this post.
{next time, i'll share a little more about this sweet girl.}

some of you may remember my little side project,
lookers and leapers.
all these shots were taken mainly with that in mind,
and thus, was born my third installment for that project.

jessi leap {eleven}

well, i am currently sitting around
{in the sweltering heat }
waiting very anxiously to hear back from three printers
that i asked for printing quotes from.
the one that gives me the best deal
is the one i will use to print the invitations.
i'm growing very frustrated... almost angry,
because they all seem to be taking
their sweet old time getting back to me.

so i thought i would use the time
to post the leaping photos.
i hope you enjoyed!

{p.s. i was hoping to visit some blogs, but have not had any time the past few days... blame it on the girl with the red umbrella. *wink* but i hope to stop by very soon.}


cigi said...

Georgia, These are wonderful. Truly. The 9th, 10th and 12th, in particular, are perfection (IMHO). Absolutely love them!

jacs23 said...

what fun! & such beauty shots of a girl whose real beauty is a 1000 times even more exquisite in person...i love her & am glad you two have each other to share such a special friendship! Looks like your talent is growing & thanks for sharing such a fun time with us all!! xoxo ><> jacs

georgia b. said...

i agree, jacqueline! in fact, that is something i am going to write about tomorrow.

georgia b. said...

oh, and thanks, cigi! {ps. what does "IMHO" mean? i don't know all those acronyms.

lissa said...

I like anything with umbrellas so these are a joy to see and also the last post photo is gorgeous!

Michel said...

waiting for printers quotes are the WORST!!! but those photos are wicked. #3 is my fave! your model has great style. nice job

Michel said...

wonderful images, #3 is my FAVE!!! great job, your friend has great style.

p.s. waiting for printer quotes is the WORST!

georgia b. said...

thanks michel! you know printing, hah? what do you do?

i'm glad you like number 3... i just switched the order, but i know which one you like! : ) thank you!

spread your wings said...

your favorite jump shot (with the park bench)is my very favorite too. i know you were having fun - did you get a lot of stares? ; )

georgia b. said...

: )
actually, leslye, surprisingly... no. not too many stares. although, there were not a lot of people out that day. maybe because it was a week day and it had rained earlier. i think there were some people in the craperie cafe that were probably looking. but we go permission from the owner, so it was all good!
: )

smith kaich jones said...

!!!!! These are FABULOUS!!!!! I missed yesterday's - I'm headed there now.

:) Debi

Lauralee said...

Hello. I saw your commented on my blog a while bag and I just wanted to return the favor. I also became a follower of your blog because I think yours is cool. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.

chasity said...

what fun!!!

georgia b. said...

thank you, lauralee... i will have to visit again, as your name is not ringing a bell... must have been a while back.

so happy you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Those are cute! I wonder if La Petite Creperie would like to use the ones where their name shows as an ad? Especially #2 as it looks as though she could be jumping for joy at going there. Nice touch that she had red shoes on, too.

georgia b. said...

good idea, candace! maybe i will show them. i think it would be cute framed and hung inside the cafe.

S. Etole said...

perfect outfit, perfect location, perfect shots ... perfection

EnnythingGoes said...

time to advertise...pre-wedding photo shoot to give a fiance or parents or parents-in-law...you get to decide what is acceptable...they get one prop and they get to decide where (unless they have no imagination)...and then you charge hefty. :)

Dave said...

The last 2 you posted of her jumping off the bench are fantastic! Caught it perfectly so that it looks as the she's actually blowing away. Great timing, and a great shot!

georgia b. said...

thank you, dave! but i must admit... timing was not an issue... rather luck. i had more shots that i took too early than i did of her just at the right moment. and the ones that look like they were timed just right were taken with mere blind faith.

... in hopes that i would get one or two that worked.

but thank you!

ELK said...

such a wonderfilled group of bright action shots ...made me smile!!

mrs mediocrity said...

oh. my. gosh. fabulous, I love the last one best. But seriously, fabulous.

Bob Towery said...

I like #2 because of your expression!

But they are all nice. Kind of reminds me of the "red balloon" movie. Us oldies saw this in school....

jill said...

they are all fabulous!! :-)