rain delay

rain delay

how cute is she?
i spent at least two hours
taking her picture yesterday.
on a whim.
quite possibly the most fun i've ever had taking pictures.
it was like spending the day
with holly-go-lightly
or a chic, french beauty.

we had hoped for a sunny day to walk around
and bask in its warmth.
but we were give rain instead,
although it was more cloudy than it was rainy.
so we grabbed the red umbrella
and turned it into a photo opp instead.

and let me tell you,
being around her was just what the doctor ordered.
a balm to my anxious spirit.
she always has that calming effect on me.

i thought of telling {and showing } you who...
but then i decided to keep it a mystery
until i get all the photos processed.
so much more to come.

this is shaping up to be a very busy weekend... mostly because i am a procrastinator. but i'll be devoting my time to wrapping up the wedding invitation design of the girl you see above... part of the reason we got together yesterday. i will also be organizing and pricing an entire basement worth of "stuff" that i need to get rid of in a garage sale... FINALLY! hoping to have it sometime in june. and then, last but not least, furiously looking for a job again.

i have so much to share, but i'm suffering from a slight case of insomnia lately. so i am feeling rather sleep-deprived. i may be a little absent this weekend, although i really hope to spend at least a little bit of my time visiting blogs. but catching up on sleep and finishing the invitation design are my number one and two goals.

but first, i'm off to have breakfast with three dear, dear girls... the four of us have been meeting regularly for breakfast for years... although, it seems the older we get, the more time that passes between each get-together. one of the girls is my former roommate that i have been sharing a bit about {whose sister was in intensive care }. her sister is still not out of the woods, but has made some great improvements and also suffered some setbacks. it will be good to see her and catch up and get filled in on everything.

today i am so very tired, but feeling so very blessed and so grateful for friends and support and the freedom to pursue whatever i want to. i'm feeling excited about my creative endeavors... this wedding invitation, my photography, ideas i have brewing.

today i'm enjoying the fog outside my window that i'm told will clear up and be the start of a long stretch of beautiful weather in the 80s.

today i'm glad.
yesterday i was slightly anxious.
the day before i was struggling a lot with worry.
today i'm glad.

blessings to you... i hope your weekend is beautiful.


B. Meandering said...

This photo makes me think of Audry Hepburn--I can envision her in such a photo op with a style most folks can't "carry off." I'm looking forward to the rest.
Good luck on your weekend---I too have much to do because of procrastination---a college assignment that's tied to keeping my teaching license--yikes! Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one dealing with some procrastination issues. It seems to help when we find out we're not the "only one!"

CDScott said...

Hi Georgia - Love the rain shot. Great color contrast! I just gave you an award over on my blog. I don't normally play these games but I felt compelled this morning. Come see! Hope all is well!

beth said...

what a great photo and she is straight out of a france vogue magazine....i just know she is....or could be :)

who knew rain could be so perfect ?

EnnythingGoes said...

maybe you could put an ad in the rear window of your car about "exquisite invitations and announcements...wedding, shower, birth." i've been thinking about doing that with "learn to play by ear. call for details." free advertising. your stuff is so good and you now have a portfolio to show people.

g e o r g i a said...

I love umbrella pictures, and yours is Stunning! Love the red! Hope you have a wondeful breakfast with your girls, sounds like you need it :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, you guys!

yes, beth... she could be. and should be. just wait until you see the pics i got of her face. she is gorgeous!

this was way too much fun! makes me want to be a fashion photographer.

georgia b. said...

oh, thanks for the award, too, cdscott. can't wait to check it out!

S. Etole said...

what joyful colors and style ...

Angela H. said...

quite possibly the cutest picture i've ever seen. i think i want a copy. you've got some catching up to do!!! i think there are about 5 copies of pics i've asked for. september 30th is coming up...

georgia b. said...

thanks, an-geeee-la!

i thought {and hoped} you'd like it! i'll e-mail the hi-res to you. i could so see it framed and hanging in your kitchen or bathroom. isn't she adorbs? you should have seen her yesterday. she was way cuter than audrey hepburn, and i was uber jealous. but i didn't care. i was having the time of my life taking her picture. just wait 'til you see the rest. the camera loves her!

i've been wanting to do a shoot like this with you, too. we gotta gotta! call me!

Angela H. said...

that's where i was picturing it, in my kitchen. can't wait!!!!

i want to do a photo shoot, too. the fun part is that i'll be taking pictures of you and you'll be taking pictures of me.

the hard part is finding a day when we can:

a) actually get together
b) both feel like we're picture taking worthy ;)
c) actually get together
d) actually get together

georgia b. said...

you just got decide.
i'm just gonna go out and see her.
pretend i'm moving to zimbabwe for three years, and this will be your last chance to come see me before i leave. : )

oh, and i'll tell you the same thing i told j., if you say, "now let me take some pictures of you." ..."nuh-uh!!!" {emphatically}

but yes, let's do it!

Angela H. said...

i have my own camera! :)

cigi said...

Wow. Audrey Hepburn indeed! The pops of red are gorgeous. Beautiful shot!

Melissa said...

Love your spirit here...stay strong, you will succeed! Beautiful photo, I'd love to see more :)

Danielle said...

Love the pic! Can't wait to see more!

I did wedding invitations/programs last year. I thought it was sooo fun. I could totally get into the wedding invitation niche market.

slommler said...

Love love love the photo! The red umbrella is genius! I just know those wedding invites will turn out wonderfully!
Can't wait to see more photos

Steve Gravano said...

Love the red shoes and umbrella, looks like a fashion shoot. Cool!

mrs mediocrity said...

Oh yes, Holly-go-lightly all over the place! Beautiful. A little mystery is always a good thing...
And I am glad to hear that you are glad. Hope you have been able to get some sleep...

chasity said...

it's good to have glad days.
hope this one will be too!

very cute pic.


Oliag said...

Each time I visit here I am overcome with your creativity with images and words...

georgia b. said...

thank you, gail. that is very very kind of you to say.

thank you so much to everyone! this was a blast... to shoot and to share. thank you for your interest and all the things you had to say.

Rochelle said...

That shot is fabulous - love how the bright red of the umbrella matches the shoes - tres chic! Can't wait to see the rest.

Lisa said...

what a stunning photography! it's so beautiful. the colors, the red umbrella, the red shoes, the brick wall, the stairs--just, wow!! gorgeous. absolutely!

smith kaich jones said...

Girl!! Oh my goodness!! This is incredible & fun & WOWEE ZOWEE!!


Did I mention I love this?