some days

some days

"when you have come to the edge
of all light that you know
and are about to drop off into the darkness
of the unknown,
faith is knowing
one of two things will happen:
there will be something solid to stand on or
you will be taught to fly”
~patrick overton

some days {two} 1960-esque

uncertain days, these days
no direction
no clues
no answers
only faith


Jakki said...

" uncertain days, these days
no direction no clues no answers
only faith"

so true and so needed right now...

beth said...

me too....this could have been my post !

only faith.....only faith !

hugs to you !

Prairie Girl Studio said...

sometimes when we are in the darkness, it is hard to remember the faith ... but once we remember, it is like a light coming on ... :)

fascinating and fantastic images to go with your words, my dear georgi-girl ...


the wild raspberry said...

that is a beautiful way to live.
those words really touched me today in this trying time of my life.

thanks ~

jacs23 said...

Thought I would share one of my favorite quotes that often times reminds me, "this too shall pass," and life will bring beautiful and peaceful days one day soon.... Hang in there..

“I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.”
William Allen White

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

This is a great reminder, especially after watching the news this morning (which I shouldn't have because I knew it would have a negative effect on me!).

Steve Gravano said...

You have a magnificent talent in being a strong human being. And in being strong you help us all. Continue to be strong, continue to move forward, continue to live by faith. Somewhere along that path we call life, no challenge left unanswered, your sky will be blue.
It is who you are.

S. Etole said...

and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him ...

EnnythingGoes said...

must add...faith in Almighty God.

this is school. each day, He wants to teach us anew about Himself. each day, He wants to draw us closer. each day, He wants to stretch us a little farther. each day, He wants to make us a little more like His Son.

"ah, Lord God, behold Thou hast made the heavens and the earth by Thy great power and outstretched arm; and there is nothing too hard for Thee!"

oh, i would not trade for a million dollars what i have learned of God in the dark, in the storm, in the pain, in the long ticking minutes of uncertainty!

"hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith?"

two verses that got me through days of trepidation.

one day, long ago, six days away from having to move somewhere with five kids, no place to go, everything packed, God gave me the first three words of Esther 6. i learned indelibly that day that God is never late. our task is to "trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey."

these are not pie in the sky words. these come from your mama, a woman whose story you have watched for 38 years now. my feet are on solid ground more than ever before. God is to be trusted and He is to be loved. And He is worthy of our loyalty and trust from a heart of resolve and obedience.

like me, God will continue to slowly wean you away from the faith of your mother and father and give you the ability to look into the driving wind, your hair blowing behind you, and say, "though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him."

i'm thinking of the words to a song i wrote at a moment like this one in your life. "here i stand, taking a look at life, looking back as far as i can see, my heart humbly bows before You, great Almighty God, as i catch a glimpse of what You've done for me. where would i have been without Your mercy, where would i have been without Your grace, where would i have been without Your voice behind me, guiding me, where would i have been without the sunshine of Your face."

"and today, what would i do if Your grace were not free and Your mercies were not new every morning? and what would i do now without Your steadfast and unfailing love (hese)?"

"here i stand, knowing i must move on, looking ahead to what is in my view. my heart humbly bows before You great Almighty God, when i realize how much i still need You! how can i go on, how can i go on, how can i go on without Your mercy. how can i go on, how can i go on, how can i go on without Your grace? how can i go on without Your promise of great plans for me? how can i go on without the sunshine of Your face?"

i wrote that as i stood on a bridge overlooking a railroad track, one where i could hardly see the end of it. those were times i learned about God. i know Him better than ever and i trust Him more than ever.

read psalm 27.

i love you. i'm praying for you, not so much that you will be delivered, but that all of this will draw you into an even more intimate relationship with the God of abraham, jacob, isaac, and your mama.

if those birds made you look up toward heaven, then God used them to get your attention, just like He did for me with the geese back in the early 80s. keep looking up and enjoy today.

georgia b. said...

thanks, mama.

mrs mediocrity said...

oh georgia, beautiful...and yes, there are days like that, no answers...but you find your way, you do, you will.
That second photo, incredible

raining sheep said...

so gorgeous. I have not been able to do much photo lately. So busy with with schoolwork...I am supposed to be working on a paper tonight. Obviously I am playing hooky.

georgia b. said...

thanks, raina. so glad you stopped by during your break from school. it's really good to see you here.

i must catch up on your photography. i hope you are well.

cigi said...

Beautiful words and images. (I'm fascinated by power lines, too. :-))

ELK said...

i am right there with you she said through a misty eye

Lisa said...

wonderful. the photos compliment the words perfectly. ahhh. how you capture this human condition so perfectly miss georgia!