year-old photo, day-old poem, brand-spankin'-new banner

blossoming tree with poem

i took this photo a year ago.
i only rediscovered it because i came across it
while searching for my florida beach pics
{that i posted a few days ago }.
my little two-line poem was written yesterday, though.

i also did some playing with the photo...

blossoming tree "polaroid"
making this "polaroid"
{which i like very much... i think it's my fave },

blossoming tree b+w with texture
and this black and white with texture and tone.

which one is your fave?
is this not a very lovely tree?
too bad they don't stay this way year-round.
would you believe this tree is on a busy street
right in the heart of chicago?

~ ~ ~

oh, and tell me what you think of the new banner.
i liked the idea of changing from something flowery and foo-foo,
to something less organic and more artsy-fartsy.
{wow, that is some sophisticated vocabulary
i'm using today, no? *wink*}
so goodbye, old banner... i enjoyed your stay very much.

old blog banner

hello, cafe that i frequent almost daily.

and speaking of that cafe,
i'm off to get my daily green tea latte
so that i might wake up and accomplish
the many things i need to do on this fine saturday.

anything exciting planned for the weekend for you?
i hope you all have a lovely weekend.

~ ~ ~

{oh, i almost forgot... i'm happy to report that there has been a slight improvement in my friend's sister. she is still on life support, but it sounds as if the doctors have her a little more stabilized. although it is still a very serious situation, even the slightest improvement is wonderful news. continually praying...}


photo ex machina said...

I like the polaroid pic. Well done

Prairie Girl Studio said...

year-old photo ... now, isn't this fun to go back in time and bring something to life again? i can't choose which one i like better, cuz they each have their beauty ... i'm kinda groovin on the black and white, i think ...

day-old poem ... simply lovely ~ so perfectly composed and yes, yes, i would love to have it follow me, too!

brand-spankin' new banner ... it's spunky and fun! you are SO creative! love how you use your space ... :)

most of all, so glad to hear your friend's sister has a glimmer of light shining through ~ as little as it may be, it is there and there is hope ... xo

happy saturday, georgi-girl!

georgia b. said...

thanks, sweet p.g.!

good to see you here. i'm so used to seeing you on flickr, i was pleasantly surprised to hear from you here, too! happy saturday to you, too!

and thank you to my new visitor... photo ex machina. i'm off to check out your page.

jill said...

Sorry I haven't been around in awhile to say hi, but I have continued to check in to see your lovely work. You are like me, I can't stay with the same banner forever. It must be a photog thing. Love the new one. I think I prefer the black and white tree ~ for some reason it speaks to me a little louder! :-) Hope your weekend is lovely!

S. Etole said...

It's difficult to pick a favorite when they are all so beautiful ... so glad there is improvement for your friend's sister. I was thinking about her last night. The toe of the shoe on the edge of your banner invites speculation.

chasity said...

the black and white is my favorite...
love the bokeh....but they are all lovely.
i was enraptured with your last header. it's so pretty.

but artsy fartsy is fun too :)
and a hot cup of tea in the morning is perfection.

have a good one

georgia b. said...

ahhh... no need to apologize, jill. i completely understand. that's just how it goes... blogging and blog visiting/commenting ebbs and flows. i'm so glad you stopped by today. good to see you.

mrs mediocrity said...

For some reason I like the first one best, I think it is the words. Which leads me to ask, do you sell you prints? I think I need that one, with the words, just as it is.
And I love the new banner. It is the third I think since I started visiting you, I have loved them all.
And sending many good thoughts for your friends sister...

georgia b. said...

not yet, kelly... but i plan to. check your e-mail. i'm sending you something. thank you for your sweet comments.

thanks, susan and chastity, too!

lissa said...

I like the second polaroid edit shot, it just looks so much nicer to me

the new banner - I like the white spaces, works well with the blog

georgia b. said...

thanks, lissa. no.2 was my fave, as well... like i said.

i'm just such a sucker for that vintagey polaroid look!

thanks for your feedback!

Rochelle said...

I love cafe shots and yours with just a peek of a well clad foot is wonderfully intriguing! My fave tree pic is the polaroid but I like the b&w too.

Happy to hear about your friend's sister - best wishes for them all.

georgia b. said...

thanks, rochelle. that's one of my friend's foot. she is a sharp dresser, and is always stylishly clad. : )

good to see you and my other rochelle friend here these past two days.

B. Meandering said...

I like the first one best, but then I'm drawn to color much like a hummingbird or butterfly. I need color.
I do like the new banner and I think the black and white enhances the picture---makes it intriquing, esp. with the toe of a shoe jutting out to tease us.

georgia b. said...

oh, goody. i think it's official... i'm keepin' the new banner! well, i guess i would have kept it no matter what. but it's nice to know you guys like it too.

Anonymous said...

i love the different ways you played with that gorgeous photo. sending good thoughts to your friend's family...

xo Alison

Lenoirrr said...

Yes, Loooooove your new banner... funny, I saw this photo on your Flickr stream yesterday and thought that it was really, really good... and here it is ;)

Wishing your friend's sister getting better and better soon!

xo Marion

slommler said...

Both photos are gorgeous. I think my fav though is the black and white photo!
And the new banner is awesome

georgia b. said...

thank you, marion!
thank you, sue!

Michel said...

awesome new banner! great old pic, I would live right under that tree with you too! second pic is my fave although I have a penchant for b&w as well. I am also a sucker for old vintage.

glad to hear good news for your friend! positive thoughts your way!!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh don't make me choose. They both are brilliant.
Love the new banner. I long for something like this too but can't seem to find the right moment to take a picture like this.

And I'm so sorry to hear about your sisters friend. I"m sending out prayers into the clouds.
Hugs D.

ELK said...

each different image shows such diverse looks to a beautiful blossoming tree..i am really on a BW kick these day!

Bob Towery said...

Absolutely wonderful "into the sun" image. One to be proud of.

25BAR said...

I like your choice of colour palettes.
Well done, again!