a day in your life at 17 {point} 5

me at 17{point}5 cropped {2}

dear baby-b,
i thought i would start to document
and journal about your surroundings
while you are in my tummy and getting bigger.
i know your immediate surroundings
are amniotic fluid, tissue and skin.
but there is a much bigger world around you!

and since i am not quite sure where we will be living
by the time you arrive for your birth,
i thought i would give you a glimpse of the world
that you can not see right now,
but has been enveloping you for seventeen and a half weeks.

and i'll do it by giving you a sort of "day in the life of you" approach.

let's see... today, we'll just stay in the living room.
i love our living room!
it's not the ritziest pad in town.
but it is so cozy, and it is home to us.
everything here is hand-me-down, vintage, or second-hand
{like from thrift stores or garage sales}
with the exception of a few items.
the carpet is green, the drapes are green
and the mood is soft and sunny
{especially around sunset when the sun glows through nicely}.

mama put the christmas tree up this year for the first time in several years.
she was feeling more festive than usual because of you,
knowing you were inside and could feel the glow of the lights
and hear the tones of the carols that played.
the tree is still up today.
i'm one of those people who likes to have it up
as long as i can get away with it.

we've got vintage albums framed and displayed,
and vintage suitcases,
and lot's of other little things we love and cherish...
nothing you could ever sell for millions some day.
but that's okay.
we hope to give you things that can't be bought with money...
simple joys, deep love, and a peaceful home.

and let's see... there's me.
oh, don't worry! i don't always dress this way.
you see, i'm not working right now.
so i was still in my pj's when i took this selfie.
{i wanted you to see what mama looks like at this stage of pregnancy.}
it was pretty cold today,
so i threw on some long socks and my warm wool slipper-socks.
then i put on my favorite ratty sweater.
{it's rather comfortable and warm!}
i made enough of belly show through the sweater
so that you could be seen... well, as much as you can be right now.

me at seventeen point five with captions

like i said, mama won't look like this in ALL the pictures
of you in my belly.
there are some where i'll be wearing
the prettiest things that your sweet auntie angela gave to me...
gorgeous mama-belly-friendly shirts
that show off my bump, but still make me look stylish.
{it was the sweetest thing for her to do.
you'll know when you meet her just how well-dressed and stylish she is.}

and in case you can't read the photo captions,
they say,
"jessie {my bestie}, me and michele
you'll meet them some day."
"that's tony bennett.
you won't get to meet him,
but i promise to play his music for you."
"mama {that's me!}"

i just want you to know something.
i almost fell apart today.
i found out that i can no longer depend
on the two temp jobs i thought i had lined up,
as they fell through.
{one was cancelled and one was put on hold indefinitely.}
you would think after the faith i wrote about
in yesterday's post,
that i would have been able to take it in stride
and just breathe and trust that God would take care of us
no matter what.
but i got a little worried... i must admit.
okay, a LOT worried.
you may have heard me crying up here.
{i apologize for that.
i know you need me to be calm right now.}

but then i talked to your grandma
{my mama},
and she reminded me of the great faith that hezekiah had
and i remembered how she always encourages me to want to be known
for my great faith
more than anything else.
and you know what?
i want to teach that to you, too.

well, needless to say,
after a time of worry and not trusting
that we would be okay in this time {without me working}
and after getting off the phone with my mama,
i knelt down and prayed right there in the living room.
and it was mostly for faith that i prayed.
but i prayed for God's provision, too.

your papa and i may not be able to give you much in the beginning
of your little life...
in fact, we may never be able to.
but my strongest desire is to give you the gift of the knowledge
of a saving, gracious, provisional God.
and my greatest failure would be to not share with you
all i have come to learn about him
the way my my mom and dad did for me.
so, if we are still here in this living room
for years to come after you arrive on the scene,
it is here that i will sit with you
and teach you who God is
right from his word.

and here, little love, are a few more photos
of the place where you now reside.
a little haven of rest
for your mama
in which to listen to her favorite classical music
while she lovingly rubs her belly
with hopes you will feel the love from her hands.
and hopefully, it is here that i will learn
to pray more,
grow in faith,
and call upon God for strength and provision.

living room {3}
{garage sale chair... one of my favorite finds ever! only $10!}

living room {2}
{garage sale coffee table... a mere $5!}

bowl of ornaments
{not all our ornaments are vintage, but they are at least all vintage-esque.}

living room {1}
{okay... another great find. this couch was like brand new...
$75 from the salvation army!
i think it was made in the 60s!!
and the groovy floor lamp is from your "aunt" mary and "uncle" rob.
they were going to just throw it out!}

living room {4}
{that's frank sinatra hanging above the chair!...
his "nice and easy" album.}

good thing your mom and pop like sixties retro modern,
'cause it's easy to find things for our place
that are second-hand in that style!


Danielle said...

Aw, you're super cute. Love that first picture.

DebraP said...

So beautiful and lovely. What a blessed little one. A blessed family. What you may not have in the material, you clearly more than make up in love, love, love. And really, what more will that little one need.

I so admire that you are documenting how your body (and thoughts) are evolving during this amazing time. You'll always cherish these memories.

Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Tina said...

i see by your post that your faith grew today.

you are wanting to give the best gifts that money can't buy to your wee one...don't lose sight of that :)

and always listen to your mama ;)

Stacey said...

I have to so much to say! Blogger better cooperate tonight! :-)
1. Oh my, could you be any cuter?? Too too cute. I love these photos of you and I love the one with the little captions. This post makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. How perfect for your child to be able to read this someday. Absolutely perfect.
2. I adore your home. I only have a few great vintage pieces, but you...well, you have a whole house full of them and I absolutely love each one of them. That mirror? The couch? Ack! I would love to find items like that for my house. What a wonderful home for your little one to be born into!
3. I admire you and your faith. I've only known you a little while and what you said about wanting to be known for your great faith? Well, it's oozing out of you right now. And you will teach your baby this. I long to do this more with my children.

Thank you for this beautiful post! You make me smile.

georgia b. said...

thank you, all!

debra, tina and stacey... you all just about made me cry. thank you so much.


Jeanine and Emily said...

Just saying hi from the Picture Winter class. I love your photos and blog - but what has really struck me is that everytime I read your comment I think - that's exactly what I was thinking - freaky! I no longer read what you wrote until after I have written my comment. Ha! Nice to meet you. keep up the great work

Jamie said...

You are too cute! I actually thought that was a really cute outfit and was planning on complimenting your style...until I read they were pj's and not your norm. Well, I would go in town like that, just the same. You look adorable and I think that little baby of yours is going to be so very lucky to have such a wonderful MOM!

S. Etole said...

thank you for sharing this journey with us ... what a treasure this is and will be

georgia b. said...

thanks, all.

jamie... that is too funny. i actually thought the same... with some undergarments and my "ugh" boots, i would wear this to meet a friend for coffee or something. come spring, i just may make this night dress a day dress. it has a very day-like anthro sort of look to it, so it could totally work.

thanks for your sweet comments!

Jennifer Webster said...

You're beautiful and your living room is awesome and sometimes I feel the same as you. Discouraged that I can't give my boys everything their friends have or the things other families have. But you are right...the most important thing we can give them is a testimony that God lives and loves them. Loved you entry today.

georgia b. said...

thank you, jennifer.

almadr said...

thank you for this post - your little one is really lucky to have mama like you - pretty, wise, loving,artsy ... and with big Heart and Trust in God ...
i wish i could read what my mum was thinking when she was pregnant with me - great you keep this diary for your baby
hope you'll find a job soon, and until enjoy the time you have for just being and celebrating life
hugs and kisses

kelly@thebluemuse said...

you are so cute. love your place.

Lisa said...

Hang in there! I know God will provide for you three. <3

Anonymous said...

a beautiful space! nicely documented. i'm partial to that top photo of you in your space (and the slouchy mukluks... LOVE that detail!)