balance in symmetry and harmony

balance in symmetry {picture winter day 10}

balance in harmony {picture winter day 10}

i've had the most amazing day.
i was away all day from my computer
and blog land
and flickr land
and picture winter land,
and though i was anxious to be home
on the computer
visiting all the old and new friends
i've made through my blogs
and picture winter
and commenting on their inspiring photos,
i can't think of a better way to have spent my day
than with a miracle baby
and his dear friend of a mother
who i used to work with
and have not seen in so long.

if you have been reading here a while,
you will remember me posting about dear baby jack
who was born almost four months early.
well, he is now one year and almost four months old.
i have not seen him since just before he went home from the hospital...
so, about a year ago.
he has grown so much!
and he is more precious than i can even describe.
he is one super smiley and happy baby.
and we fell in love with each other at first sight...
{even though i've actually seen him before},
and he is doing GREAT!

i actually got to see him work with a therapist today...
something common for babies born so early.
it was a joy to watch,
especially since i have one growing inside me at the moment...
a baby, that is.
and some day, whether born early or not,
i will need some skills in working with my baby
to encourage his or her development.
it was so fascinating to see that today.

it was the first time i had been to the new home of my friend, chris
{and her baby and hubby}
since they moved.
it was beyond charming.
everywhere i looked, there were gorgeous colors
and antique pieces
and sweet little chris-esqe decorations
such as the darling pillows you see on her couch in the above photo,
and a china cabinet filled with bird figurines and vintage dishes,
and beautiful plants like you see in the first photo.

and chris??
what could i say about chris that would sum up
all the wonderful things she is.
an amazing mom.
a very thoughtful friend
{i'll share why in a bit}.
a beautiful designer and decorator.
a witty and funny spirit.
a truly resilient woman.
the more i know her,
the more impressed i am by her.

jack and i played so much today.
i could tell he had fun,
but it was i that had the most fun!
i caught a glimpse of being a mommy
and pictured so vividly what it will be like...
and i CAN'T wait!!!

today's prompt at picture winter was to seek harmony
through our photography.
well, after spending the day with chris and jack in their home...
i did not have to seek it at all.
it oozed from every nook and cranny of the house
and poured out of every smile and look
that came from chris and jack.

it was the best day i have had in a very long time.

and the blessings to me keep coming.
chris, in her very generous kindness,
took me to target to stock me up on some healthy
pregnancy-friendly and nutritional groceries.
she learned of our lack of work and subsequent struggles,
and urged me to eat as healthy for the baby as i can
{she is sensitive about these things after what she went through with jack}
and insisted that i come to her house
and pick up some things she gathered from her cupboards
and her mom's cupboards
and that i let her take me to target to get some more fresh food items.
she sent me home with bags and bags of food,
a prenatal vitamin replenishment supply
a big container of laundry detergent,
a giant package of toilet paper
{a true blessing for any pregnant woman
as she is going to the bathroom more frequently every day},
and a darling chris-esque plate full of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

i wanted to cry at the generosity shown to us.
God has provided so many times for us...
a little here
and a little there.
always just enough to make it through to the next time.
always when i cry out for provision
for our needs.
he always shows up
through a beautiful, thoughtful, generous person.
not always just tangible things.
sometimes just time.
sometimes just encouragement.
sometimes just sitting and praying with me.
sometimes just coming over to clean
or bring a cooked meal
{which was so helpful when i was nauseous
and found it hard to cook}.
sometimes to come and put up my christmas tree
when i was too sick to do it myself.
sometimes all the above.
maternity clothes lent or given.
books, too.
a listening ear.
a word of prayer or encouragement.

we have been so blessed and cared for.
and today was just one wonderful example of that.
and possibly the best part of the day for me...
having been lent chris's big body pillow
that she used when she was pregnant.
talking about wanting and needing one of those,
because i have finally come to a point
where i can not sleep on my tummy any longer...
my favorite sleeping position.
and i have to now sleep on my side,
and it is uncomfortable for me,
so i was thinking a body pillow to hug
and sort of wedge under my belly would help.
i'm sooooo happy about that!

i could go on for days
about all the help we have been shown...
not just help,
but love and support and involvement
in this little one's life
and ours.
and we feel truly blessed to have it.
this might be our only child,
and it is a scary time for us to have one for sure.
but we are feeling very well cared and provided for,
and i don't even know how to say just how thankful i am.
people have been so kind and present in our lives these past four months.
and it means the world.

i'm serious when i say,
i look forward to the day when i can, in return
shower the same support
on those who are going through what we are.

that, to me, will be balance... or will feel like balance.
{do unto others as you would have them do unto you...
or as you have received.}
until then, it is difficult for me to accept
such generosity.
but i know i have to, graciously,
knowing i will do the same for others when i am in a position to.
or so i hope...
i hope i never forget what has been shown to me.

{i write these posts for the same reason the israelites set up their altars in the old testament... as a visual reminder marking where God met them and came to their aid. when God provides for us, i want to write about it and record... that i might look back when times are good and remain thankful for all that God did for us when they were bad. and also, that i might look back when times are again bad, and remember how he never left us before... so he will never.}


Tina said...

"i hope i never forget what has been shown to me."

...and that's why He allows life to unfold in the way it does...
as you have seen Him through your friend,
let others so see Him in you :)

Chris said...

Awww Georgia...I'm very touched :) I too had a beautiful day with you! It had been so long, and I thought of you all the time when we were apart, especially when pondering such things as art, and shoes, and vintage finds, and of course our shared love of photography.

I am so excited to see baby-b come into the world, and you really were glowing today. Not just from the wonders of pregnancy, but the joy of being a mom—and yes, to me a pregnant woman is already a mom because she has begun to care and love and worry for her baby.

Anyhow, I was so happy to see you again and for you to play with Jack, who showed off his bouncing and crawling skills for you :) He does seem to have a baby crush on you, and really loved hanging out with you!

I can't wait to get together soon, hopefully me with some eggs in hand, and share some more laughs. I love that I can be a source of information for you, and that I can help your baby be born the healthiest it possibly can. And by the way, I tried the Neti Pot just now...thanks for the tip!

Thank you so much for this lovely post, and give that baby a rub from us! :)

Hi Kooky said...

What wonderful blessings. This is indeed the kingdom of God in action. Your friend is a blessing and you are too. :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog touched me to tears...just so beautiful. "do unto others..." so true. It's how I was raised...and it's nice to see others living by such a simple, beautiful way of life.

Your photos in class are wonderful. Just wanted you to know.

peace ~ susan case (picture winter)

Heather said...

So glad you have lovely people in your life:) What a wonderful day!

Jessie said...

Yes you are blessed. It sounds like a wonderful day :)

Lisa said...

What a blessing to have such friends as these! It's so wonderful to know that there are people in your life who will never let you down. Stay strong Miss Georgia (and baby)! <3