dear A... i wrote this poem for you. it's called "blanket of blue".

blanket {1}

when you're down to one last blue thread to hang on to
i will search a million miles if i have to
for more threads of blue
that i can weave into

a blanket
a sea
a sky
to fall into

you don't have to hang

by all means, keep clutching
if you really want to
but picture the arms everlasting beneath you
then let your clutch loosen as much as you can do

and all the while, i'm knitting with soft blue
a blanket of


for just you

. . .

i can't knit... you may or may not know, i've wanted to learn for some time now. but if i could, i would right now be sitting and knitting you a thick warm throw to cover your chilly bones in your drafty, old, amazing vintage apartment. but since i can't knit, i did the next best thing. i got you this fleece electric "heated plush throw"... you plug it in, and it warms up! it looked so snuggly, and i know how much you need some extra blue threads in your world right now. if i had any rooms with blue decor, i would so keep it for myself!! i kid. but i'd be tempted... notice how lovely it looks on my couch!

but it's yours, and it's here waiting for you to come take it home. {i know it doesn't go with the colors in your home either. but i know what a special meaning blue strings have for you. and since i can't knit or weave you a bunch of strings together, it's this.}

blanket {2}

blanket {3}
that should hold you for a while.

i'm praying for you. hang on. hang in there. and keep scrolling down. there's one more picture for you... my day 7 submission to the "picture winter" workshop. the prompt was to find something with quiet beauty in our winter environment. i chose the frost on my bathroom window with the morning sun gleaming behind it. then i chose this quote... for you.

great hopes


Anonymous said...

thank you, g. can't wait to get it. i know someone who is knitting me a blanket right now. i don't know what color it is. maybe it's blue... but this blanket along with your poem and with all its blue threads means the world.


for the quote too. i will.

Anonymous said...

ps. did you get a new sofa? i love it.

georgia b. said...

hahaha... no, are you serious?

you've seen that sofa a thousand times. it's what i have had since i moved in here... actually, we had it ad our last house, too.

S. Etole said...

your frost photo is exquisite ... it looks like little feathers or ferns sticking up

Hi Kooky said...

just beautiful, georgia. The poem and the photo. The blanket looks wonderful!

Katie said...

That poem is so cool. And your frost shot is beautiful!

btw - thank you so much for your super sweet comment - you completely made my day...er...night!

spread your wings said...

beautiful, beautiful beautiful

love that frost photo. it's perfection

Jenny Schouten Short said...

I like it all...blanket, poetry, idea. Now I want to take a poetry writing class, to express myself better, as you do. The crystals are beautiful. And, I am struggling with knitting, determined to learn. xxoo Jenny

georgia b. said...

thanks, all!

jenny, thank you for that. i have actually never taken a poetry class, and i consider myself a completely flawed poet. i rarely can put words down like that. but every once in a while... when words are so strongly in and on my heart and mind, i have to put them down as quickly as they come. i made a few minor changes to this one, but for the most part, it is here the way it came to me.

i was pretty happy with it... not because i think it is good, but because it completely expresses what i wanted to say, and i think with a little bit of artistry, too.

i really appreciate your comment... everyone's!

slommler said...

Love the poem...I so want that blue now!! I love cerulean..my fav!
But the heated throw will do me just fine. Thanks
PS Your frost picture is amazing!!

Steve Gravano said...

Yes beautiful frost photo and I do love the poem. You have endless talents, and I'm sure if you learned to knit, you would excel at that also.

georgia b. said...

thanks, guys! you are all sweet!

Oliag said...

Your writing and your photography seem so effortless...that must be creativiity...I missed your frost photo yesterday...it is already a favorite. You amaze me.

Lisa said...

Just beautiful! I love your frost photo, and the photos of the blanket, and the poem! Lovely. As everyone has said you are super talented! <3

mrs mediocrity said...

A beautiful poem a beautiful gift. And the frost photo, exquisite.

Jamie said...

I didn't get to look at everybody's pictures yesterday, but came to your blog today and saw that AMAZING frost picture! I so love it! Awesome job!!!!

Lady Gabby said...

Please check out my blog if you get the chance. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you so much :)
Xx Gabriella

georgia b. said...

thanks, gail, lisa and kelly!

jamie, thank you for your comment. so nice of you to stop by. you know how i feel about your blog!! can't wait to visit more.

lady gabby, thank you for your comment, too! looking forward to checking out your blog.