what a day this has been...

eat, live, sleep, love
more to come about the above words collage...
some other day, though.

eggs and spoons
i have had the words below running through my mind all day.
{even the song and tune could be heard coming from my lips throughout the day}...

what a day this has been • what a rare mood i'm in • why it's almost like being in love • there's a smile on my face • for the whole human race • why it's almost like being in love

all the music of life seems to be • like a bell that is ringing for me

and from the way that i feel • when the bell starts to peel • i would swear i was falling • i could swear i was falling • why it's almost like being in love

it was absolutely gorgeous here today!
although the weather had already been warm the last few days here,
and all the snow had melted away as a result,
it was also gray and gloomy.
but not today!
today it was sunny and bright!
and very warm.
and very, very windy!
and it made for such a beautiful day...
with hints of spring in the air
that made you feel like you were falling in love!
and frankly, i am!...
with baby-b!

i actually have not been sleeping so great lately,
as i'm growing rather uncomfortable.
so i was dog tired when i woke up today,
and i wondered where i would find the energy to do all i needed to.
i wrote and asked my sister to pray for me,
as i was feeling rather overwhelmed.
she must have prayed, 'cause i got my second wind,
and i got so much done...

and i had a wonderful time doing it!
i achieved so much in the baby room.
then i showered, got dressed, put on my fedora
{note to self... fedoras are not a good idea for a windy day}
and went out in the world to get some long overdue needed items,
to look for a shower gift for the baby shower i am attending tomorrow,
and to get my bushy brows waxed.
{more on that later!}
i had fun planning what i would wear to the shower and wedding
that i will be attending tomorrow,
i washed a sink full of dishes,
i did a full-service cleaning on our vacuum cleaner,
and i even opened a window in the house for the first time in many months!

it turned out to be a productive day.
and i was in such a good mood for all of it!
it's amazing what some warm weather
will do for the soul, isn't it?

you know what else is good for the soul?
free things!
that's right, free!
and you thought nothing in life is free, didn't you?

for some strange reason, i got an e-mail coupon
for a free 8x10 canvas photo print from canvas people.
i thought, "surely there is a catch."
but i continued to proceed with ordering,
and sure enough... it was free!
and it just came in the mail yesterday.

right now, i just have it sitting atop
another photo canvas print of some spoons
that i had purchased a while back.
{both in the photo above}
i did not take the spoons photo, though i wish i had!
but i took the shot of the eggs... remember it from this post?

and the best part of today is ending it with more strawberry ice cream.
b. got more tonight on his way home,
as the last pint was pretty much gone before i started it!

well, though it was a good day, it was very long.
so i best be scooting off to sleep now.
i won't be around much tomorrow, if at all,
as i have this baby shower for my sweet friend, ese.
and then i'm going to the wedding of the friend i recently designed wedding invitations for.
another busy day ahead... but bound to be another good one!

i hope you all have had the lovely break in winter that we did.
and i hope you all have a "what a day!" kind of weekend!

see you soon.


slommler said...

What busy and happy days you are having!! Enjoy the baby shower and wedding. Those are always fun occasions. Celebrations of new life! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos... the spoon and the eggs are perfect together.

Stop by today. I am giving away a nice khaki jacket to one of my followers as soon as I hit the 300 mark.


mrs mediocrity said...

our day was just like that here yesterday, warm and sunny and very, very windy. almost all the snow melted and i saw green! then, of course, this morning, the world is once again, white.
but that little break as so nice.
i hope you enjoyed your ice cream!

georgia b. said...

oh, bummer, kelly. no snow here. just cold. but still sunny! i enjoyed the warmth while it lasted... it was enough to last me until spring, i think!

Relyn said...

Hey, you. I was just reading your comment over at Leslye's blog about a book of days you spotted. It sounded wonderful and I was coming by to beg you to tell me whose book of days it was? I'd like to look for it around here. I know that's a kooky question, but I am so intrigued.

georgia b. said...

hi, relyn!

it's called cheerio's book of days. cheerio was a well-known radio personality of the 1930s. hope that helps.

my friend bought me a copy, too... so when i get mine, i'll be sure to post about it!