love is...

love is...

...when hubby splurges
and brings home haagen dazs strawberry ice cream for you,
even though you did not ask him to,
but he knows you so well,
that even when trying to call you from his cell phone
in the grocery store, but not getting through,
because you conked out on the couch watching "who wants to be a millionaire?"
due to the fact that you are a typically tired pregnant mama,
he still had a feeling you would appreciate
the creamy, strawberry, cold goodness of a pint of heaven
for a special weekend / valentine's treat.

...when a hubby says,
" 'strawberry ice cream is a pregnant woman's best friend.'
i remember you saying that.
months ago."

true love.

thanks, mr. b.


leigh said...

That was so very sweet of him! Those unexpected things are just the best.

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Great shot ... I can taste the creaminess. :)

Stacey said...

Oh so sweet!!

Lisa said...

So sweet! <3 And I love this photo. Such a good valentine's day photo! Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Georgia. I haven't seen many valentine related blog posts yet but I keep looking so glad I found yours.

slommler said...

What a beautiful and sweet gifting!! Bet it was the best strawberry ice cream ever!!!???!!!

georgia b. said...

thanks, ladies!

happy v. day to you, too, candace!

yes, sueann, it was one of the sweetest helpings of strawberry ice cream i ever had!

Steve Gravano said...

Nice, could be a Haaggen Dazs ad campaign. "Bring a pint home to the one you love!"

georgia b. said...

oh, good idea steve! maybe i should send it to them. that could be "the ticket"!... the answer to our financial woes!

wouldn't that be nice?

quiltingfool said...

He's obviously a "keeper". I hope you will always notice the tiny ways a man tells you how much he loves you. There are many if you just see them, and this one was lovely. Great photo too!

spread your wings said...

how sweet - truly

Kim Klassen said...

oh my, it's definitely the little things...
such a sweet gift..

thanks for sharing this at shutter sisters G.

so happy for you guys. xxo, Kim