monkeys and puddles and sunshine... oh, my!

rain boots_14
dear baby-b,

if you were old enough to read right now,
you'd know that i recently deemed february
"a month of love"
on my little ol' blog.
and the day i did it,
i had a big plan to write to you the next day...
all about love.

but then something happened the night i was to write this to you.
i spent the evening with your great-grandmother,
and so much happened with her,
that i was not able to fit in my letter post to you.
in fact, in the days to follow, i couldn't even start it.
but that had more to do with something completely besides
the fact that the night with your great-grandmother
threw me for a complete loop.

it's why, even though i have had three days
since i last saw my grandma,
i still have not been able to write.
it has to do with the fact that i have entered
some sort of new stage in my pregnancy with you.

i'm not quite sure how to describe it,
and i don't even know if it's a common phase for all pregnant women.
i just know that i am definitely under something
that is undeniably slowing me down.

i've sort of been describing it as some sort of brain fog.
difficulty focusing and concentrating
with a significant fatigue and exhaustion that accompanies.
and just a general sense of feeling behind
and overwhelmed with all there is to do
in preparation for you.
but before i turn this post into a letter about brain fog,
i'll just leave it at that
and get to the real reason i wanted to write to you.

rain boots_15
see these boots?
they are yours.
though i don't yet know if you will be a boy or girl,
when i saw these boots for sale in a thrift store for $1 a couple weeks ago,
i could not pass them up...
they tugged at my heart's strings far too strongly.
i might have been dissuaded by the fact
that they won't fit you for a few more years yet.
or by the fact that they were quite scuffed up.
or by the fact that i don't know what your gender is yet.
{although, the last point is not a very big deal to me,
as i think these sweet monkey boots could work for a boy OR girl.}

but the low price for something i had a feeling was a quality product
with such whimsical monkey faces
on a cheerful, bright yellow background
was too good to pass up.

anyway, here on this little bench they sat...
day after day after day.
each day, i would walk by them while making my way
to and from one end of the house to the other.
and at first, every glance their way made me smile.
but after a while, i thought less and less of them,
as they quickly became part of the furniture...
that is, until one day {last friday}
when i walked past them,
and i realized they were just the bit of sunshine
that i really needed to see that day.

rain boots_11
you see, it has been so cold here this february
{with the exception of a day or two of warm temps that melted all the snow}.
but worse than cold, it has been cloudy for so many of those cold days.
and being the sun-lover that i am,
this really wears on me after a while...
when i can't see the sun or feel it's warmth
for long periods of time,
even on the coldest of winter days.
and it had me pretty bummed friday morning
to wake up and see yet another cloudy day.
i think i literally said out loud, "are you kidding? another cloudy day?"
as soon as i awoke and looked out the window that morning.

i remember thinking, "man, i just really need a ray of sunshine right now."
and shortly after having thought that,
i walked by your little boots again.
i realized then and there... this is my ray of sunshine!
not just because they are bright yellow
and so adorable, you can't help but smile...
but because they represent something.
they represent a future with you.
a vision of cloudy days being full of fun
because i'm running through rain
and jumping through puddles with you.
no more dreaded cloudy days...
instead, opportunities to explore and giggle
and slosh around in the mud.

and now i'm so glad i ended up buying these boots,
because all it took was a little elbow grease,
and i got them looking almost like new again.

rain boots_1

rain boots_2

rain boots_12
i don't know what these would have cost me to buy you brand new.
but i was told by my friend that this is a good brand!
i hope that means they will last a good long time...
as long as the size of your precious feet will allow them to slip on.

rain boots_7
and i hope the little monkeys will make you smile
exactly the way they make me smile when i see them.
your papa and i... we love monkeys.
we have a saying around here...
"monkeys are funny."
we're pretty sure you will grow to feel the same way.

rain boots_10
when your mama goes out in the puddles to play with you,
these are the boots she will most likely wear...
her forest green bearpaw rain boots.
i have a feeling we will look so good together...
with our feet shod in waterproof comfort.
green and yellow.
mama and child.
i just can't wait.
and if my love for you is this great already
{not even having seen you face to face yet},
i can only imagine how much i will love you
by the time you are able to fill these boots.
and walk
and run
and play.

i just can't wait!
rain boots_6

rain boots_5

rain boots_13
well, with just minutes to spare in the month of february,
i wanted to get in one last post for "a month of love".
i wanted to end it on a note about you
and the growing love i feel for you.
rain boots_16
my vision of spending time with you
is becoming less and less of a blur
the closer i get to having you.
and even if not a clear picture quite yet,
through this lens of love,
i just know how much you will mean to me
all the days of my life.



i love you, sweet baby-b.

~your mama


Nordljus {Lonely Librarian} said...

Oh these wellies are so sweet! I'm sure he or she will love jumping into puddles in them with you!

Love the blurry picture especially.

And you just reminded me that I wanted to buy a pair of bright and colourfull wellies for myself for ages. With April coming soon, it seems like the right time now :-)

slommler said...

Precious precious words and boots! Great photos!!! I'm in love with baby-b too!!

beth said...

oh georgia....these are so sweet ! if they had adult sizes i would wear them. baby b is so lucky to have such a monkey loving mom !!!

Anonymous said...

Loving those little boots. They are too cute. Just like you. :)
LOve ya, J and baby C :):)

Meri said...

Speaking of tugging at heart strings!

Stacey said...

This is so very sweet, friend!

I took some photos of my kiddos in their rain boots last year and they are some of my favorites. Can't wait for you to be able to splash in some rain puddles with your love.

Deb said...

How very precious your words are here! I hope this finds you feeling well and in joyful anticipation of your new life to come. Love ya!

S. Etole said...

those little boots are just the cutest!!!

Wanda said...

Those boots are wonderful. I can only imagine how much fun baby-b will have in water puddles when the time comes! I also hope you are preserving your pregnancy blog posts somewhere so the baby will someday be able to read them. You are showing such love and anticipation now--something that this child will surely appreciate when it's old enough.

georgia b. said...

thanks, wanda... and yes, i am preserving these posts for baby-b to read some day.


Lisa said...

Baby B is lucky to be so loved already! I just can't wait to see what he or she looks like and to follow your journey into motherhood. And how cute are those boots?? Loving all these photos so much. I think I like the blurry one best! Ahh. Soo cute. <3

Sandy K. said...

I just love peeking in at you and following your journey. This entry actually brought back some memories of my own brain-fog, so many years ago. And yes, this winter has been too long.

BUT - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the boots:). You two will definitely be out in style on your puddle jumps! Baby b will so totally love your journal - photos and words mixed with love. Thank you for letting us in.

Stop by and give me an idea or two, if you have a minute, for an upcoming competition. If I lived in your fabulous slice of geography I might not be as "stuck" as I am right now! Thanks!

Tracey said...

1. I think I already commented on your flickr pic that I would like those big boots. :)
2. My bean had those monkeys on her underwear. They were "days of the week" underwear. And I bought them for her bc my mom would NEVER get that kind of underwear for me.
3. The legacy that you are leaving with your words is priceless. You children will love going back and reading your posts.
4. I joined the Picture project thingy you wrote about. I had been thinking of doing it many times, but then I just decided to discipline myself and sign up. Have not done anything yet with the assignment but at least I signed up!
Ok, that is all. :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, all!

oh, yay, tracey!
so glad to hear you will be part of picture inspiration!
can't wait to see you there.
thanks for all your kind words.

mrs mediocrity said...

that is so incredibly sweet. i love them. and the brain fog, totally part of the pregnancy package., i had it so bad i once ran a red light, just totally wasn't paying attention. fortunately nothing happened. it will pass. i think it's just nature's way of forcing you to slow down while you grow that baby!

georgia b. said...

thank you, kelly.

good to know about the fog... that others had it. helps me to know i'm "normal". =)

JMC said...


Snappy Di said...

Monkey wellies are cuter than get out! Great choice and now I think I want a pair too.


Claire said...

your blog has been making me laugh lately!

these notes are priceless.

keep writing them...

my mom kept a daily diary of my 18th year. it was one of the most special gifts she ever gave me. i treasure it.

these will be no different for baby b.