happy friday {and a few other things}

hello all!

so you may have noticed... i have not been all that consistent {daily-posting} around her lately. i have actually scarcely been on the computer at all {unless i am online-shopping for cribs... or other baby-related things}.

there is a reason for that. if you read my last post, i alluded to the fact that i have hit some sort of stage of fatigue, exhaustion and brain fog in this pregnancy.

so much so, i skipped right on past my brother's birthday post. i had hoped to write a short post wishing him a happy birthday two days ago, as his birthday is on march 2nd. {which also happens to be smetena's birthday... just a random fact i know because i like some of the works written by that composer}. but i plum forgot!

anyway, it will just have to be two days late... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATE-THE-GREAT! {oh, his name is nate, if you have not figured that out yet}.

not only was it his birthday, but this guy who just turned 46 is going to be married this summer {about a month after baby-b arrives}!! woo hoo... major cause for celebration, as we all wondered if he would ever get married. {i don't mean that in a disrespectful way... i just mean, he was a happy guy, even single. and though i know he desired to be married, he seemed content and i was just not sure that he would settle down. but it took the perfect girl to come along... and that is exactly what happened. i know she is not literally perfect, but she seems to be so perfect for him, and i could not be happier for them both.}

his fiancée is what i would describe as an angel {not in the biblical sense... but in the "how we have come to know the word in an earthly way" sense... very near perfect, sweet, beautiful inside and out and so very easy to be around}.

oscars party / birthday party for nate
well, i wish i had tried to get some good "engagement" shots of them both when i saw them at his birthday party last sunday. but i didn't get very creative with that. i only set up the tripod to get a few shots of them at the end of the night, along with my twin sister and my other brother and me after everyone else had left the party. we had a combined oscars party / wine and cheese party {no wine for me} / birthday party for nate at my sister's place. it was a total blast. wish you all could have been there!

the first photo of nate {at the top} was taken last fall. in fact i think when i took the shot, i was pregnant, but i did not yet know it. actually, i know that is the case... just a side note that has no bearing. but the real point is that i took it with a camera that had a lens that was as long as my forearm. {not my camera, obviously... but i was sure to get all the shots i took with it off the memory card... who knows when i will ever have a chance to hold and shoot with something like that again!}

it was insane. i had to have been holding about three to four thousand dollars worth of camera equipment when i held that thing. and i was in heaven! so i took several shots of my family while i had the chance. the lighting in the room was awful, but this camera lens let me take photos as if i was in the brightest of natural light. it was heavenly to be able to take people pictures like this indoors and not have them turn out completely blurry.

okay, enough about all that. mostly i just wanted to say... because of this new brain fog stage, i think i will be taking a very unwanted break from blogging. i know that my struggle is not just procrastination {something i often do} or me trying to get out of things i don't want to do... i know, because it's causing me to not be able to do or focus on even the things i WANT to do {like blogging and working on the fun parts of the baby room}.

but i figure, if i take one thing out of the equation {like blogging}... one less thing to tempt me and keep me from doing all i need to... maybe that will help. not to say blogging has kept me from doing other things. again, i can't seem to do anything right now... except rest and take naps when i'm not able to keep my eyes open throughout the day... i'm talking morning, noon, and night.

and here i thought it would be the placenta previa thing that would slow me down... not so. it's this exhaustion. i do know that i have not been getting enough iron, because my prenatals make a bit sick, so i take about half the dosage when i feel i can't stomach them. but i also googled "exhaustion during second trimester" to see if this was at all common for pregnancies. i found this article/post, and it helped me know it's not all that uncommon. i knew it was very common in the first trimester... just didn't know it could return like this in the second.

hopefully it's just a stage, and not here to stay for the remainder. i am growing A LOT right now, too, and i have come to that stage of being very uncomfortable when i sleep. i'm a stomach sleeper, so this has placed a big restriction on me. plus, i turn over a lot in my sleep... so now, every time i do, i have a big basketball to carry with me, and it wakes me up EVERY time! i guess it's just preparing me for being up all night after the baby gets here, right?

well, enough rambling about my fatigue, exhaustion, lack of sleep and brain fog. i just wanted to say, i'll try to pop in from time to time {i had so wished i could blog every single day until baby comes, knowing i won't have as much time afterward}. i will be back tomorrow or the next day for a very special post about my grandma. and after that, hopefully i can post every thursday or friday about my picture inspiration assignment. {p.s... it's not too late for you to join, too!}

but other than that, you will see me very sporadically here... much less frequently. {that makes me a bit sad, but hopefully it will mean that i get much of what i need to done.} who knows, maybe things will turn around. and then you will see a lot more of me here in my last trimester.

i can say this... i have SO TREMENDOUSLY enjoyed sharing my journey of pregnancy with you all. after announcing my pregnancy here, i have received some of the most thoughtful and precious comments and e-mails that i have ever received since the start of this blog. it is A JOY to share this road with you. and i will definitely keep you all posted on anything new and exciting!

several of you have expressed an interest in seeing how the baby room is coming together. i had hoped to do that in stages. but since i have not been able to, maybe i'll just wait until it is all done, and then i will do one wallop of a post on how it looks when it's finally complete! won't that be fun?

sorry for the long and wordy post. {i'm like that.} thank you to everyone for your interest in baby-b and me. BIG HUGS to you all!



georgia~gigi said...

Hey Georgia :)
Sorry you have been feeling well, pregnant! Hang in there!
Happy Birthday to your brother!
Hope you have a wonderful weekned!xo

Nate Heldman said...

woot! thanks porjah! i had a great birthday week, beginning with driving up from florida with brooke, then the party with you, matt, and ang (and a few dozen other people), and then dinner on my birthday night with my brooke and a few friends!

you're right that i was content. very. you're right that it took the "perfect" woman. very. and you're right that she's an angel. i have the pics to prove it!

thanks again, my dear!

beth said...

no worries....
i remember that fog....not to mention all the other feelings.

we're all here, whenever you get back. and will be waiting for any updates you have. xo

Deb said...

I understand your need to take a break. There are so many wonderful changes coming into your life now, so cherish each moment, enjoy your pregnancy,and get your nest ready!

EnnythingGoes said...

i'm liking that photo of the five of you. i'll be lifting it, printing it, and carrying it around with me. :)

and isn't it smetna's birthday that is the same as nate's? or is it both?

georgia b. said...

yikes! how embarrassing, mama! i knew that! see what i mean?... pregnancy brain!

i know it's smetena... i even blogged about nate and smetena a couple of years ago... it's his piece "on the moldau" that i love. and when i wrote this post, i was hearing it in my mind. but i had a brain fart and typed another "s" composer's name instead.

sigh... this is what i'm talking about. total brain fog!

Stacey said...

Hi friend,
I will miss your posts, but am so happy you are taking this break for yourself. Continuing to pray for you and baby b. Please keep me updated and shoot me an email if there is ever anything specific I can pray for.
Love and hugs and prayers,

chasity said...

pregnancy brain and exhaustion are two things i suffered with as well....
hope you are getting some well needed rest~
it's a lot of work to make a little person!