happy birthday to my lovely mother... who only gets more beautiful with every passing year



i wish you many days of peace
and tranquility
and provision
and companionship
and love
and blessing
and fun
and prosperity
and hope
and helping others
and laughter
and nostalgia
and connections
and love
and joy
and faith
and malapropisms {wink}
and music
and comfort
and pleasure
and green pastures
and walking with your God
in the year to come...
and beyond.

i love you.

your daughter,

{p.s. ...baby-b says happy birthday too. he or she can't wait to meet grandma-h.}


sharonheldman said...

wow! that's a lot of nice things to look forward to! and i do look forward to them!

thanks for the birthday wishes. i don't feel any older.

thanks to the other two bateman folk at your house, too. :)

georgia b. said...

oh, yeah... papa-b says happy birthday, too.

but you would have seen that in the real card we sent... which i hope you get in the mail today.

slommler said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
Wonderful tribute to your mom!!
Hope she has a fabulous celebration!!

Peter Tschirhart said...

I just love this picture of your mom Georgia.

georgia b. said...

thank you, peter.

i got to use an incredible camera when i took that... but did not get to keep it. probably the nicest camera i will ever use!