a clear path

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i love this quote! not just because it went so well with my image, but because it sort of summarizes my thoughts about who i am in relation to my artistic side as of late.

as a new mom, i have re-evaluated what i am... who i am. as you can see, i updated my profile blurb to say...
"wife of mr. b., mama to one beautiful boy, graphic designer, aspiring interior designer, wanna-be fashion designer, painter, amateur {but learning} photographer, lover of all things beautiful. i have a degree in graphic design, and i have started a degree in interior design. i never want to stop growing as an artist. this is the main reason i started my blogs."
it used to just start with "graphic designer..." but now i am so much more than all those other things. i am first and foremost, a mom {in terms of what i do all day}... it's my new full-time job! and i would not have it any other way. sure... i am still doing some freelance graphic design whenever i can get it. and i'm still dabbling in photography, especially now that i have a little one to practice infant photography on.

but it's also added confusion to what and who i want to be "when i grow up". because i am nursing, i know for sure that i don't want to go back to a job outside of the home. and mr. b and i have decided that we for sure want one of us to be home to raise our child. so for now, that kind of limits me to doing freelance design or photography {but i feel i still have so much to learn for the latter before i can do that seriously}.

so, i am really trying to figure out the balance... the new way of things. even sort of reinventing myself, or at least, my new roles.

funny thing... having a child limits my time for artistic exploration. but ironically, it also ignites my desire for artistic exploration... a real conundrum, if you ask me!

i want to pursue my artistic interests more than ever! if you have little ones at home, what is your secret? what balance have you come up with? or even if it's not kids... if it is something else that demands as much or more time than your art, how do you make it work?

or are you like me... still looking for the crystal-clear path you are meant to be on right now?


beth said...

you have been reinvented....you're a mom and that makes you something you've never been before, but something you will be now be forever.

here's my favorite mommy blogger....she makes life with children look so easy, even though i know it's not.

if you are new to her blog, click on the tab that tells you "start here".....it's a must !


and as far as that crystal clear path....well every time i think i find it, sure enough, there are sticks and stones on it just like the last one....

i honestly don't think that path exists until you get to heaven.

ginny said...

hello sweet friend, i just wanted to say that you ARE a photographer and that your images are so so AMAZING!! i know you want to feel like you understand more with the photography but from where i am standing you are good enough right now.. it is your passion and combined with your graphic skills you could so easliy use them whilst working from home to your financial advantage. maybe think outside the box a little... see where your creative heart leads.. use this time of nursing and being in the moment with your precious boy to think & plan how your passions can become your income. you are so super talented and really your photography and photo art is fabulous. wishing you well dear georgia and your boys too xxx
peace and blessings, ginny x

Ashley Sisk said...

What a beautiful message...beautiful quote. Love it.

georgia b. said...

wow, wow, wow!

thank you for the comments, ladies! i had not expected so much encouragement or comments of that length, but i really welcome and appreciate them!

beth, thank you for the link. i will definitely check her out. and i agree... that path is probably non-existent in this life. i guess all i need know right now is that i am on t he path of christian living. all else {like my art} will fall into place.

ginny, thank you for your kind words. i tend to compare my talents to others, so i often feel i fall short. i appreciate your boost of encouragement more than you know! i shall take your advice and think outside the box!!

Andrea said...

Like you, I am still looking for that crystal clear path. Every single day... and the longer I've searched for it the more I'm convinced it doesn't exist "out there" someplace else. Nope. We are ON IT! The crystal clear path is the one you are currently on. It's the plan made just for you!
I think the balance changes everyday. One day one thing works, and the next day (even though the day may seem the same) that thing you did yesterday doesn't stand a chance of working today. Does that make sense?... I've found that perfect balance is a bit elusive and a constant struggle. But eventually (and here's the GOOD news!!) you get really good at trying to maintain balance. Sure, you still stumble and trip from time to time, but it gets a little easier each day. (Hope that made sense...LOL!) Hang in there!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your picture. LOVE. Love. LOVE! And your self portrait over in the sidebar is all sorts of sensational! : )

I wish you all the very best in your pursuit of your dreams. I know you will be able to continue creating because you will find so much inspiration in your precious baby!

I love your new description. It is captivating and it makes me want to know more about you.

georgia b. said...

thanks, andrea. and yes... that makes sense to me!

kaishon, thank you! glad you stopped by... now i know about you and your blog!!

A said...

I don't know if you saw these posts or not on Joanna Goddard's blog (A Cup of Jo), but I thought they were really interesting & they go perfectly with your question. Since I can't much give you any advice (yet), here's a link that I thought was filled with many possible solutions.


Keep us updated on how it goes - That's the direction my husband and I will be heading in (hopefully) next fall!

georgia b. said...

thank you for the link, alicia! i'm going to check it out now.

and i'm happy to hear you are planning for a growing family!!

Joy said...

Hey there, Georgia B.! I was thinking of you today and thought, "she must have had that baby by now!" So, thought I'd check in with you. As for having the time to do something artistic while the tykes are small (or babies), I have to say, I had very little energy to do anything more artistic than to re-arrange the furniture or pick toys up off the floor. My interests sort of went by the wayside--I think I might have done 2 watercolors in the span of 6 or more years. But I did take a lot of photos and it sounds like that's what you are doing. Enjoy this time in your life, it will be gone soon enough. Time enough for personal pursuits later--although, don't forget who you are--don't lose your identity!

georgia b. said...

thank you, joy. i do very much agree with your point about enjoying it now because it will be gone soon enough. that actually helps me. i can always pursue wedding invitation design down the road. but these precious days of a new little one will go fast, and i should soak it all up before it's gone, 'cause i can never have those days back. thanks! i'm glad you put in your two cents!! =)

Stacey said...

Oh I SO get this!! Totally understand your comment about how having kids limits your time for artistic exploration, yet ignites it at the same time. I am CONSTANTLY looking for the crystal clear path I'm meant to be on! I am a mom first, too, but yet I still feel that desire and passion to pursue other things. And I know that must be God given. Plus I still need to be a nurse to support our family. I always think that God wouldn't put certain things in my path (for me, photography stuff) if He didn't want me to pursue it. it's a passion from Him and I must use it.

With all that being said, balance is hard and I don't think you ever get it figured out! If you do can you let me know? :-)