just the three of us

well balanced {ethereal}

i just realized something as i thought about what to name this post and start writing it... i know it's only been two months since isaac was born {officially... as of today}, but no one has asked mr. b. or me a question like "are you going to have more kids?" or "do you want more?" or "do you plan to have more?"... at least not that i remember. maybe some already know the answer we'd give, and that is why they don't ask. maybe others feel it's not their business to ask, so they stay away from the question. and then, i guess there is the reason that some might not ask because they just never thought to.

i guess i'd have to ask myself those questions. actually, i do. and i ask mr. b, too. i've already let him know that i would gladly do it all again, and that a part of me wants to have another baby {a good while off yet, though}.

even though some aspects of my pregnancy were difficult for me, i tend to remember the good parts. and i had such a wonderful experience with labor and delivery, i'd be all for going through that again!

but then i have to admit... sometimes, i am perfectly content with it being just the three of us. i think i have to get through this blissful babymoon phase i'm in before i would consider, seriously, having another. and by then, we might have really talked ourselves out of it by reminding ourselves how it's going to be a struggle just to provide for one as is... don't know how we could keep adding to the equation.

you just never know what God has in store, though. what i thought would always be two, miraculously {in my opinion} became three. so....... never say never.

anyway, i'm loving this family-of-three life i have. whether it stays this way or grows even more, i'm thankful beyond words. i might have never been part of the equation 1 + 1 = 2 or the equation 2 + 1 = 3. so to be a part of each fills me with utter gratitude.

that's why i love the new mobile that i got last week {from a sweet friend and former co-worker}. she and i had gotten together for dinner with a few other former co-workers so that they could meet isaac, and this mobile was what erika brought for him. because i had already made a sort-of mobile for above isaac's crib in the nursery, we decided to hang this one in our bedroom. you see, every morning, he hangs out with us in there anyway. he lays on his back between mr. b and me after he nurses and looks up at the mobile as the birds glide to and fro.

i can tell he really likes it! some mornings, he just stares and stares while cooing and smiling... never tiring of it's motion. other mornings, he stares, but with little reaction. instead, it seems to calm him... so much so, that he falls back asleep. either reaction/result really makes me glad.

and it holds THREE BIRDS! how perfect!

i had taken several pictures of it... hoping to get one really good shot for my picture inspiration assignment last week, called "well balanced". as you might have guessed, we were to seek out something to photograph that had balance in symmetry or otherwise. what requires more balance than a mobile like this?

most of the shots i took were somewhat blurry. but i ended up liking that... it added to the ethereal mood i was hoping to achieve, as did the vintage texture overlay. and since it is an ever-evolving, constantly-in-motion piece of art, i thought it would be cool to create one of those constantly-changing pictures of it.

so i made this...
how do i make a gif
neat, hah? wouldn't you love a mobile like this, too? hey, if so, you can always buy one on the web site. {no, i am not a spokesman for that company.} =)

below is the photo i submitted for picture inspiration... not nearly as ethereal, but it has a quote that i like.
well balanced

anywhoo, it is now after midnight as i write... way past my bedtime! so i better be off to slumber-land beneath that beautiful reminder... 

just the three of us.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I'm wanting a mobile for here in my home office. Need to check them out.

I did my take on happiness today as well. :-)))

Ashley Sisk said...

I love each of those!

spread your wings said...

wonderful post. what a great mobile - a family representation

mrs mediocrity said...

Yes, yes, I want one! (swallows are one of my favorite birds). I have to go check out there website. I love the first photo, very cool, but I also love the motion series, I felt like I was lying beneath the mobile.
a very sweet way to think of the three of you...

urban muser said...

love the moving shot(s) of the mobile! so fabulous, especially with the texture.

Anonymous said...

I love love love it!!! Did you do that motion shot as a GIF? I have become obsessed with Jamie Beck's "cinemagraphs" recently (have you seen them?) and have been wanting to learn how to do them. I think that basically they are very arty gifs.....I don't even know how to do a simple one though. Anyhoo, what I am trying to say is, how did you make yours???? : )


Sandy K. said...

What fun...the images of your mobile. Which is amazing, actually. And it's perfectly okay to be content with three...for however long you want to be:). Enjoy every single moment..life goes by way too fast and you never know what's around the corner. Every moment is a gift to treasure. Your little bundle is absolutely beautiful. And you actually sounded pretty rested! Way to go!

Claire said...

love love love this post g!

that mobile made with love makes me smile and twist my head just like baby b most probably does with his : )

only a few more sleeps and then i get to meet him. yay!!!

georgia b. said...

yay, indeed, miss claire!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness.
I love your pictures.
LOVE! : ) And the love you have for your new baby? It just melts my heart. I miss that stage.