this one's for isaac {or, should i say, these forty are for isaac}

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okay, i know i've been slacking quite a bit with my lists of forty... but i did not anticipate that isaac would be reaching a whole new level of awareness overnight, smack dab in the middle of this month. i mean, he had already started to become very aware of his surroundings before he reached the three-month mark. but just within the past week or two, he has really become highly aware... and with that, more awake during the day... and with that, SOOOO much stronger. his little neck is very strong, and he can now hold his head up in any situation or position. {even the pediatrician said his strength is more like that of a four-month-old as far as his neck and arms go when he's on his tummy.}

so a little over a week ago, i bought him this "bumbo" seat {which he is sitting in pictured above}... a nice invention that someone came up with... a little seat you can put the baby in so that they will strengthen the muscles it takes to sit upright.

anyway, because isaac is so much more awake, aware and active, he needs more constant attention than he used to. and i have had less time for my list posts. i think i have skipped four days so far this month. and with the blog-friend visits i will have on wednesday and the coming weekend, i don't know that i will finish out the month with a list on every one of the remaining days. but i will do as many as time will permit.

alright... for my list today, i'm addressing it to isaac.

. . .

dear isaac,

these are forty things i hope to teach you or instill in you in my lifetime. it's not an exhaustive list, mind you, but just some of the things i can think of right now. some are whimsical. some serious... or rather, important. some, i am still in the process of learning myself. i need to get better at those things, because kiddos learn much better by example than by being told.

well, here goes.

i want to teach you that naps are your friend. trust me... when you are four and grumpy because you would rather go outside to play instead of taking your afternoon nap, i will try my best to let you know that a nap is just about one of the best things in life. when you are my age, you will guard your nap time {if you have it} like gold! again... trust me. they are you friend.

i want to teach you patience.

i want to teach you that you can be and do absolutely anything you want to be and do, if you put your mind to it. it may seem as if money {or lack of it}, physical appearance, social status, or level of education would be a barrier to pursuing some of the things that interest you. but anything can be achieved if you really want it.

i want to teach you to be kind to others.

i want to teach you that music is one of the greatest things in life... one of God's greatest gifts to us, in my opinion. you don't have to agree. but again, your mom and dad are quite huge fans of music. appreciation of music is not for everyone, but we want to at least try to instill this in you. if it takes, you will never be sorry... i guarantee it.

i want to teach you how to take pictures. then, i hope you will far surpass me!

i want to teach you all that i learned in my seventeen years of education... if i can remember any of it!

i want to teach you that your family is important... to guard those relationships... to pour into them.

i want to teach you forgiveness.

i want to teach you about money... about being good with your money. on this, i will have plenty to teach you. not because i learned and know all about economics or finances... i'm no expert. but because i have not handled my money well throughout much of my life, so i hope to teach you by telling you what i learned the hard way {or teaching you what NOT to do} and prevent you from going down that same path.

i want to teach you to take good care of your teeth... even when you are out from under my roof. this, too, you will not be sorry for heeding.

i want to teach you to do the things you should as soon as you can... to not procrastinate.

hats quad
i want to teach you that hats are cool. oh, yeah! you heard me... COOL! your mama and papa love to wear hats... we're hat people. and so far, we think you are too! you look rather adorable in them. we hope you keep up this hat-wearing thing. =)

i want to teach you to sing.

i want to teach you to draw and sketch... although, i think that is a gift that either comes naturally or it doesn't. but you can do so better with teaching than without.

i want to teach you how to use photoshop, illustrator and indesign... again, please pass me up when you do. {that won't be difficult to do.}

i want to teach you manners. {i fear manners are a lost "art" in many children these days.}

i want to teach you to eat well.

i want to teach you it is okay to cry and hurt. not to dwell on the things that make you cry or hurt, but that it will always be okay to cry or hurt.

i want to teach you to be positive. {i must learn to do this more often, myself.}

i want to teach you to read. of course, this is a given. but more than that, i want to teach you to be a reader... to enjoy reading. i never did. but i don't want you to end up that way, too.

i want to teach you that you don't have to let anyone walk all over you.

i want to teach you that imperfection is okay.

i want to teach you to do everything with all the effort you can muster... to go over and above what is expected or required of you in anything you do... even what you require of yourself.

i want to teach you of God's love for you.

i want to teach you that you are allowed to teach me things... and you surely will.

i want to teach you that getting good grades is for you... not for me.

making a gif
i want to teach you that laughter is awesome!... making others laugh, letting others make you laugh. i want the legacy of joy and laughter that my father left and the way your father is about laughter to be passed on to you. with their sense of humor, you will love the lighter side of life. i want to teach you to appreciate laughter and embrace it... to seek it out throughout your days. it truly is the best medicine. i want you to fulfill the meaning of your name.

i want to teach you that you don't need as much as you might think... or as much as this world tells you that you need.

i want to teach you to always pay cash {as opposed to borrowing or using credit}. i want to teach you that credit card companies are just about one of the most {dare-i-say?} evil things that exist. of course, when used responsibly, they can be okay. but if possible, never fall into that type of spending.

i want to teach you that you can come to me about absolutely anything in this world or in your life, and i will listen and support you. i want you to know that without any doubt.

i want to teach you to love others... but more importantly, that you can not truly love others if you are not willing to sacrifice.

i want to teach you to be a neat person. {yikes, it's a good thing you have your father as an example in this department, because i am not the best example that ever lived.}

i want to teach you to have good spacial judgement... it's something i feel i am good with, so i hope to pass it on to you.

i want to teach you to appreciate all the little things in life... to enjoy life to the fullest, even when it is not grandiose.

i want to teach you to not be afraid of things... like swimming in water that is deeper than you are tall, or cashing your first check at a bank when you are very young and unsure about what a bank even is, or entering a math competition, or riding your bike without training wheels, or going for a job interview, or asking a girl out on a date, or asking a teacher a question in school... to be afraid of nothing.

i want to teach you to know God.

i want to teach you to "steal a pumpkin"... and i'll explain what that means some day, but for now, just know, it means, don't sulk... seize the day... don't waste a single day or moment of happiness because something or someone got you down. {it's okay to be sad and to mourn or grieve when appropriate. but don't stay there.}

i want to teach you to have friends and connections... to teach you the importance of friendship.

i want to teach you to be a man of your word. {you have a great example of this in your father, as well.}

i want to teach you how to make me breakfast! =)

i want to teach you to trust.
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Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful list. Isaac comes first, we'll be here.

beth said...

and you will.....

oh you will teach him all of these things and more. it's what parents do...and sometimes in the midst of all this teaching and learning, manners are the only thing that really matters.