a few more thankfuls before november turns december

i love to watch him while he is with his family...
it's a side of him i don't always get to see.
laughter always ensues when they are all together,
and it is a joy to watch.

long days of traveling and visiting with family away from home
are so much easier when you have a very helpful husband.
he has always been so great about sharing equal "duty"
since isaac has been born.
and he has the best attitude while he is at it.
{usually... just like i usually do. *wink*}
of course, playing with him is the easy part.
but then there are the less-than-fun responsibilities,
and he takes part in both... and very well, i might add.
i'm so thankful he's an involved dad.
there are several more photos of him with isaac below...
you can definitely see how much he loves being a dad.

anyway... i'm also
not for me, of course... for isaac.
{isn't she cute?}

this is mr. b's brother's little girl.
this is only the second time they have met.
but it was more like the first,
because the first time, i think isaac was too young to realize
that there was another little squirt in his midst.
this time, he sensed it and rather enjoyed it!
well... most of the time.
there might have been a few moments that he was not quite sure about the whole scenario.

which brings me to my third thankful...
i'm sorry, but i have to admit something... i LOVE when isaac gets sad or scared.
'cause that's when this beyond adorable look comes across his face...
the ever-endearing pout.
i've always loved it on babies.
but it's even more extra-adorable when it's on your own kiddo.
i could look at that face all day long.
he just started making this face regularly... it's his new thing.
and he's got some pretty hilarious sounds that accompany it, too.

anyway, all in all, it was a very fun thanksgiving out at mr. b's brother's home.
we had a lovely time... truly.
isaac got a teeny bit cranky when he could not hold {or drink?} dad's beer.
thanksgiving2011_2 thanksgiving2011_4

but other than that, he was a pretty happy camper.thanksgiving2011_7 thanksgiving2011_8 thanksgiving2011_11 thanksgiving2011_6 thanksgiving2011_13 thanksgiving2011_12
{sorry for the blurry pics... i'm still learning the new lens.}

at times, i think he was almost over-stimulated... so much to look at... so many more people than he is accustomed to.

but he really did enjoy his cousin.
it's one of the first times since he has become very personable
that he has had a chance to play with and observe another baby.
can you believe they are nine months apart?
isaac is almost as big as his cousin!
thanksgiving2011_16 thanksgiving2011_17 thanksgiving2011_18

isaac loved his grandpa {mr. b's dad}!
it made me a little sad to watch them giggle together...
wishing isaac could have met my dad, and vice versa.
but that sadness did not take away from the joy of watching him
interact with his grandparents and really taking to them.
they saw him one other time before this...
they came up from florida shortly after he was born.
at five months old, i think he enjoyed this visit much more!

he also loves his aunt {my sis-in-law}.
she is super smily and talkative,
so i think isaac really perked up whenever she would talk to him or play with him.

here is a family shot i took with the tripod.
that little turkey... he was the only one not looking at the camera.
i guess he only has eyes for mama.
and what precious eyes they are...
they are just one more thing i'm so thankful for.
{oh, those ears, too!
those ears, those ears, those ears!
and that peach fuzz on his head...
that sweet little mouth...
that button nose...
that wonder in his expression...
i could go on and on!}

well, we hope you had a nice thanksgiving this year.
and we hope you survived black friday.
{we stayed in for ours... other than a short drive to the lake}.

enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Caroline said...

It looks like you had the most wonderful Thanksgiving. There is nothing better than being surrounded by family and friends this time of year. So much to be thankful for! Peace out! :)

Oliag said...

Just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving...and let you know how much I enjoy seeing how big Isaac is now! Adorable!

~Hurricane B~ said...

That picture of him giving the peace sign is awesome!

tracey said...

I don't know why, but I love the very first photo in this post. I think it's a wisp of a moment you caught, almost as if in passing. Love it. And I love how very much in love your with your baby boy. I felt like motherhood unlocked a space in my heart that I didn't know existed. The thought of that space being empty just kills me.

I love his fuzzy head and eyes too. :)