so happy to bee so

bumble bee_15
as promised, here are some pics of isaac all dressed up for his first halloween! as i said in my last post, i'm not a big fan of halloween {especially all the horror films and other like things that are associated with halloween}. but just like i did when i was a kid, i can get enthusiastic about isaac dressing up and going out trick-or-treat-ing for candy! {oh, who am i kidding? we all know that candy was for me!}

mr. b is not like me when it comes to the end-of-october festivities. he's much more of a fan of it all. and he does get into the scary horror flicks... not just in october, but all year. so it should be interesting to see which one of us isaac will gravitate toward when it comes to halloween. i'm sure as a kid, he'll get on board with the candy aspect... and maybe even the dressing in a costume part. but i'm curious who he will be more like as an adult when halloween rolls around each year.

well, anyway... he's just a little guy, now, and a little bee costume {complete with little translucent wings on the back} never hurt anyone... even if the person wearing it has no clue what is going on.

our little halloween excursion was so sweet. we took isaac to our historic downtown on monday afternoon, where all the shops and restaurants were handing out candy to all the little kids in costumes {or big kids {{*ehem*... me}} that were not in costume}. he was quite out of it... either sleepy, or too young to understand what all the hoopla was about. in fact, he fell asleep, as he often does in his stroller. and when he wasn't sleeping, he held a blank stare... i think because he was a bit over-stimulated by all the commotion and the {what seemed like} hundreds of sugar-buzzed children running around in crazy attire. *wink*

but when we arrived back home and took him out of the stroller, we grabbed some snapshots to forever preserve the memory of his very first halloween and costume. i look more forward to his first christmas than i did to halloween... but even i have to admit, it's fun when kids are all dressed up as adorable little tigers and princesses and police men and bunnies and bees... etc.!

it was too difficult to choose just one photo of him. i thought he was so cute in them all! so here are the rest. obviously, they were not all taken by me, as i am in some of the shots. and i wasn't very technically savvy with the shots i did take. so i thought i would put all my effort into the processing, instead... make black-and-whites, but preserve the black and yellow stripes of his bee costume.


bumble bee_14
{"hey, mom... this is sort of fun!"}

bumble bee_6
{"whatchyou lookin' at, dad?"}

bumble bee_4
{"yep! i'm cute, and i know it!"}

bumble bee_2
{"yo!... wussup?"}

bumble bee_3
{"um, mom? haven't we taken enough pictures of me in this silly thing?"}

bumble bee_1
{"yeah... good luck getting me to carry that crazy owl purse around! candy sack, my eye!"}

bumble bee_7
{"yep... i'm still cute!"}

bumble bee_8
{"hey mom! i bet my smile is more gummy than yours!"}

bumble bee_10
{"did you think maybe i'd stop being cute? if so, you thought wrong!"}

bumble bee_9
{"okay, i guess this trick-or-treat thing isn't all that bad. let's do it again next year!"}

bumble bee_11
{"oh, look! a car!"}

bumble bee_13
{"awww shucks... gosh... golly... really? you think i'm cute too?"}

bumble bee_12
{"oh, look! a squirrel!"}

bumble bee_5
{"mommy kisses!!! i like mommy kisses!... so much so, i blow bubbles to show it! and i buzz like a bee!"}


Shay said...

GREAT photos..I LOVE what you did with the B&W. You guys look SO happy! Treasure this time, before you know it he will be wanting your car keys...LOL! That's where I am at now!

beth said...

he's the cutest little bee i've ever seen.....how fun that you really celebrated his first halloween with him....the photos are amazing !!

Heather said...

Oh... that last one is my favorite!!! Okay, they're all my favorite. Darn cute!!! Big hugs to you all! Love ya, Heather

georgia b. said...

the last one is my favorite, too, heather! that's why i saved it for last. i just love the look on his face there.

great to hear from you today! i hope something works out for next weekend!

Oliag said...

No I will not pick a favorite out! Love all those little bee pics:) Gorgeous pics of you too:)

georgia b. said...

thanks, g!

mrs mediocrity said...

awwww... these are all just so sweet and gorgeous. you are just beaming, proud mama!
that bee suit is adorable.

Sandy K. said...

Adorable baby b...you have a lovely album of that first Halloween - can you believe how time flies? I do love the black and white with splash of color. You have some amazing images. Thank you for sharing. (Sorry I've been out of touch - times are changing - hurray!)

Anonymous said...

So glad you shared the little bee pictures. We should have taken a picture of my little tigger and your little bee together. Oh well Maybe just a regular baby picture together next time.
Enjoy this stage now. He will be 10 before you know it. :(
Take a picture of him once a year in the same spot in your home. That way you can see how much he has grown from year to year. We take the first day and the last day of school pictures by our front door and you can see how much the girls have grown from each set of pictures. Love seeing him (and you so happy.)
Love Julie and the little girls:)