if you know me well, you know i am not a very big fan of halloween. don't get me wrong... i used to live for october 31st when i was a little squirt. i couldn't wait to get my hands on bucket-loads of free candy... enough to last me through the next spring! {i can't believe i still have all my teeth.} and i'm not even opposed {for the most part} to dressing up for costume parties {although i don't think i have been to one of those since high school}.

but if i had to give up a holiday or two, halloween would definitely be at the top of my list. i just can't see celebrating things that are dark or creepy or scary or even downright sinister {which is what it seems like a lot of the grown-up halloween festivities have come to be about}. i don't think we are supposed to think about such things. so i'm just not a fan.

that said, every once in a while, i happen to take photos that turn out very ethereal or ghost-like... and those, i am a fan of. most of the time, they are just "oops" photos {like the one above, which was taken at a summer barbeque... i was trying to take a photo of two of mr. b's friends, and the camera did not focus. i love how they look... almost extraterrestrial-esque}. i've been wanting to use this photo somehow in a post for a while. i figured today is as good of a day as any.

then there are the images that i purposefully try to give an ethereal vibe to... like this one:

23 weeks_15
remember this from last february when i was pregnant?... a self-portrait i took on one of the only days i dressed up throughout the entire pregnancy... after i got home from a wedding. because the camera was on a timer, i thought i'd play around with movement and intended to take a photo that showed that movement. but i had no idea it would look so ghost-like, too.

ghostly {2}
here is another oops photo i took of my sister a few years ago. this time, instead of the subject moving, it was the camera/photographer that moved. i loved the resulting effect!

these are all so different from each other, but all have an almost eery feel. so, as i said, though i am not really celebrating or acknowledging today's holiday {except for putting isaac in an adorable little bee outfit... i'll try to post some pics of him in it later this week}, i figured today was as good a day as any to post these photos... if not better.

anyway, i guess this isn't really an update... there's just not much new "stuff" to update on. but i thought i'd pop in anyway. i hope you have a great day, holiday or not. may it be filled with lots of treats, and no tricks.

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Oliag said...

Even your mistakes are artistic! Very appropriate post for Halloween:)