just me and the misters {part one}

isaac 2_5_12-5 isaac 2_5_12-8 isaac 2_5_12-2-3-dip

the long and short of it... i have to preface this post by saying that i know long blog posts tend not to get read as much as posts where the art of brevity is practiced. but often when i write a lengthier post, it's not necessarily meant for others... not that no one else is welcome to read it, because they are! it's just that it is often the case that i am simply writing out a slice of my day{s} solely to record these moments of time that i experience before they flit away and i forget the details. i don't expect anyone to take a strong interest in those moments... i might hope for that if i felt i was a more creative writer. but as that is something i am still working on, for now, these types of posts are just my way of journaling the days. in other words, if you've even read to this point, i apologize for the long post ahead. i would not be one bit offended if you just skimmed {or even skipped} over it... i know i probably would if i clicked over to find so many words. i'm just honored to have visitors, period!

anyway, here it is tuesday. and we haven't started the detox yet {see most recent post}. but that is only because i won't have the supplements we will be using throughout the month-long plan {along with a drastic change in food choices}. but we should be able to dive in on wednesday after my order arrives.

we did, however, begin acting toward our other goal that i wrote about. in fact, not only did we de-clutter like we set out to do... we totally switched things up. we completely flip-flopped two of our rooms... or the contents, rather. what used to be the tiny man-cave is now the office. and what used to be the office {where i do all my blogging and photography playing/processing} is now the man-cave. except, it's not really a man cave. it's more like a modern-meets-bohemian sort of second living room... where the hubby's c.d. collection, guitar collection and assortment of framed vintage vinyl records reside... along with all of his reading material {he's got a pretty substantial library of classics} and some of his favorite movies or music/concert videos. strewn throughout are other eclectic or whimsical treasures of his... the drums you see in the photos, a lava lamp, a very old european pendant lamp from his parents' house.

in it, there is also the vintage couch and coffee table that was passed down to him from his parents. it's a pretty cool room... i wonder why we didn't do this switch-a-roo sooner. i mean, it was a groovy room even when it was crammed into the tiny space that is now the office. but now it's just more breathable, functional and livable... so much more open. and i love this setup, because it overlooks the open kitchen/dining room with an additional open view into the living room. it just all makes more sense now. we can't wait to have our first get together with friends or family in this new setup!

well, enough about that. i guess i sort of rambled on, when all i really meant to say is that it was a huge undertaking, and the change took so much more time than i thought it would... mostly because when you start to move things around, you unearth a lot of clutter you didn't realize you had. i simply can not put things in new places knowing it's not organized. so we did one of those major overhauls on each room... in addition to some de-cluttering i did in the bedroom and bathroom.

i was pooped come sunday night. but the weekend was not without fun. we all three watched the super bowl together {isaac's first}. WHAT FUN THAT WAS! {especially when the team i hoped would win won!} and when we were not cleaning and organizing, we were hanging out with the little guy. there was something very special and precious about this particular weekend. i think it's because of two specific things...

for one, isaac is getting to the age where he really comprehends a lot... like emotions. he used to laugh when something tickled his senses. but now, i get the sense that he is genuinely laughing because he truly finds something to be funny. i can see such a difference when he laughs as of late. and it is the most wonderful thing to witness.

and he is becoming more sensitive, too... not just in joy and laughter, but with disappointment or pain... even annoyance or frustration. it's amazing to watch those things develop in someone that is your own flesh and blood. it truly is.

last night, he was up crying for a good half hour because of teething. i normally let him cry in the night, because he will shortly go back to sleep on his own. but i knew after that long of a stretch, he was not about to stop any time soon. so i got up and sat with him, rocking him and trying to console him. this was one night that not even teething tablets would help. he has three teeth coming in at once {which will complete the set of his four front teeth... two on the top and two on the bottom}. so i gave him some baby tylenol and put him back to bed. but that tender moment in the glider where he let me try my best to comfort him... it was incredible. as much as i hate the thought of my little guy being in pain, it made me so happy to be his mama in that moment. it was a fulfillment of a yearning that has long been at the core of me... to bond with and comfort a child of my own.

well, i'm rambling again. i just had to journal my thoughts on how special this weekend was to me... so many special moments... several where my presence was not even known, and i could just stand back in the distance and capture the moment with my camera {i'll share those photos later in the week}. this is one of the very reasons i take photos {...don't we all?}... i want to preserve weekends just like these forever.

all in all, 'twas a lovely weekend {even with back-breaking work in the mix}. but i think the highlight was watching mr. b. interact with isaac {which is also the second of two things that made the weekend special}. i am daily amazed at what a great father my husband is. i guess i should not be surprised... and when it comes down to it, i'm not. but it is a pleasure and joy to witness how much he loves his son... and how much isaac enjoys receiving that love.

can you tell?...
 isaac 2_5_12-11-12-dip isaac 2_5_12-4 isaac 2_5_12-7 isaac 2_5_12-6

i know that, other than facial expressions and squirmy isaac's many positions while endlessly climbing around, there is not much variety to all these photos. but believe me... i already scaled down compared to the number of shots i originally wanted to include... and especially compared to the number of shots i took. {i always have the most difficult time choosing.}

anyway, i have just one more...
isaac 2_5_12-1

i think it's the perfect photo to end with, because in it {as you might have noticed}, it almost looks like isaac is making a fist at me... as if to say, "take one more photo of me, mama, and i'll sock you in the face! go ahead... make my day!" {*giggle*}

p.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s... so i take photos.

when isaac is ten or twenty or thirty, i want to look back on these photos and words and remember days just like these with the boys... my boys. 

just. them. and. me.


SueAnn said...

What a beautiful post!! Love the pics of the "boys". So sweet and tender!
Congrats on getting the rooms moved around. It is always nice to have that kind of project done!!

Kathy said...

Haha...you are right...that last photo is a perfect finale! Too funny and cute! Love the wild hair too (on the little one, lol). By the way...what gorgeous woodwork you have in your home. That door/window in the background...sigh.


beth said...

that last photo truly is priceless !!!

and i loved that man cave.....so now i can't wait to see what you've done with the place :)


Deborah L. Tisch said...

I read it all...and I'm here to tell you that you Will look back on these images and you Will treasure it all. You inspire me with your "moving" day declutter project, but more so with your growth as a mom, a wife, and a lovely person. Glad I found your blog! It's a bright spot for me.

Blessings to you and yours!

georgia b. said...

thank you, all.

deb, what a sweet thing to say. thank you so much.

Leah C said...

Wonderful, amazing shots of your "misters"...each and every one is a treasure! And, just so you know, I read all your words too {I happen to like long posts} and you are quite the writer, ramblings & all:)

Kathleen said...

Wonderful post...I enjoyed reading every word; you are clearly someone who savors the important moments of life (which are usually the ones most people think of as everyday or boring). You talk about universal themes of home and family in a way that brings up memories of my own. We lived overseas when my son was Isaac's age, and back then, it was just the three of us. Your photos took me back to those days --btw, the last one is a real hoot!

MJ said...

You know, if we can't ramble comfortably in our own spaces, on our own blog-- then why bother blogging at all right? Your joy shines through and through for your family, for motherhood, for your life, and it's a pleasure to read it :).
So nice to meet you Georgia!

Kelly said...

What a sweet and so very heartfelt post. I love that last photo too....such great eye contact your little ones hair is so dang cute...all fuzzy wuzzy and all. Hang on tight to these moments...they are fleeting.

georgia b. said...

what kind comments... thank you all so much!

Andrea said...

Issac has got to have the cutest baby hair I have ever seen. Love it! Sounds like a nice, productive weekend with some good family time thrown in the mix. :)

Mama Zen said...

This is such a beautiful post! Those are the best kind of days.

Stacey said...

I loved this real and honest post, Georgia. You think you are not a writer, but you are. A beautiful one.

I love your little move and I love these photos! What handsome boys you have.

georgia b. said...

thanks, sweet stacey and andrea.

thank you, mama zen... nice to meet you.

Kim Stevens said...

Haha, yes that last one is perfect! made me smile :)

And I don't think you need to apologize for the length of writing on your own blog, your right, it's there for you, a journal.

Is that a door behind them? It's beautiful!!