moving pictures monday {crooner/swooner edition}

hi all! okay... so this isn't really a moving picture as much as it is just a tiny slide show {and his hat isn't really a hat sinatra would have worn, but some of the photos made it almost look like a fedora, so i went with it anyway}. but i still made it the same way that i've made my past moving pictures... as an animated gif. if you are visiting for the first time and want to see my tutorial on how to make animated gifs using photoshop, click here to read it.

if you are back for the third moving pictures monday, WELCOME! {as usual, i apologize that it took me so long to get this posted and have it ready for others to participate.} i've thoroughly enjoyed the submissions from the first two weeks! in fact, i think that each week i may just feature one submission from the previous week, because there are too many creative participants not to!

this week, i am featuring lissa's awesome "fluttering slipper" submission from last week... a truly unique and creative use of photo animation... and really well-done photography, too! {her submission is forcing me to really step it up with my moving pictures! yikes. i better get working on some cool ideas!}

anyway, here is her moving picture. 

is it not so whimsical and full of cheer? {it could be an ad for a shoe company, no?}

i didn't make a big effort to do a real one myself over the weekend, so i resorted to this "blue eyes" mini slide show instead. my little charmer got a new hat yesterday, and i just had to get some pictures of him in it because he has me swooning when he is donning it. as i said, his hat looked sinatra-esque in these photos, so i thought it would be cute to play off that theme... since isaac's eyes are blue like frank's {yes, i know him on a first-name basis... we're very close, frank and i *wink*} and since my baby-boy is singing these days.

i've always liked sinatra. but now i'm partial to this little guy. granted, he usually croons the same note over and over, but it's singing none the less... and it's the most melodious music to my ears! i think i snapped close to 300 photos with his hat in a very short time, but only a handful turned out. i am hoping to put the rest of them on my blog at some point.

but for now, we are off to the pediatrician today... wish us luck!

i look forward to seeing others' moving pictures this week. i hope you'll take some time to visit the other participant's entries even if you are not participating... you won't be disappointed! {even if no one participates today, you can still check out week one's and week two's submissions... scroll to the bottom and click on the thumbnail links.}

here's what you do if you'd like to join the fun... grab the button below
{by copying and pasting the code that is in the box below the flying birds gif}
and add it to the html of your moving picture post
so that you can link back to the party here from your blog.
it's just how i see things
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last... have fun!

{{NOTE: after you submit your entry and inlinkz takes you to the page where you can grab an image from your post for the thumbnail link, it will let you choose your gif image {and crop it, if you want}, but it will not actually show up, because it does not recognize gifs, so inlinkz uses the little blue cartoon face for the link instead. i'd rather have an image that reflects my blog for my link, so i just choose my profile picture instead.}}
as always, i'll leave the link-up open for a week... until next sunday night.


Cathy said...

this moving picture is great! the photos are so beautiful of your little fella! the b/w is a nice touch : )

georgia b. said...

thanks, cathy! and thanks for participating this week again. i so love what you did for your moving picture!

{thanks to you as well, bridget!}

lissa said...

cute pics of your boy, I like his blue eyes

sadly no entry from me this week.

hope you have a great day.

Cathy said...

oh darn, i have tried to comment two different times on Bridget's moving picture, but it won't show up, so i'll comment here incase she shows up : )

Bridget, i really like your moving picture...you really captured the joy of the moment...it looks like they are having so much fun!

Chatty Crone said...

I have no idea how to do this - but it is so cool. sandie

georgia b. said...

thank you, sandie!

do you have photoshop?
if you do, i put a link to the tutorial i made on how to make the moving pictures in my post. it's really more simple than it appears. if you don't have photoshop, there is a web site that will make them for you for free. i can send you that link if you want.

thanks for stopping by and commenting! it was nice to have a new visitor!

Magnus macmahon said...

you have a very beautiful blog, I like the atmosphere that you have managed to create ! I you follow with pleasure :) _ Bye**

Candace said...

Hi,love yours, too cute. I added another old one from last October, it's about halfway down in the post I linked to.