b + k engagement shoot - part one {and one year of wedded bliss}


actually... they already did tie the knot.

one year ago today, one of my dearest friends got married to her high school sweetheart. i think that every married couple should have at least one other couple that they can have a regular game-night with. for us, that couple is these two. we all love to get together to play board games and other types of games. and when we do, laughter is always abundant.

sweet kellie and i became instant friends years ago when we both realized that we had a shared love for fashion. though there is quite an age difference {i think she might just be my youngest friend}, there are far too many things that we have in common to let that be a barrier. meeting her hubby {boyfriend at the time}, bobby, was just one of many things that solidified my opinion of what a quality girl i have in a friend, because he {like she} is a funny, fun and a goes-out-of-his-way kind of nice guy. it only makes sense that the two of them should get hitched!

i would have liked to take several pictures at their wedding... even to have done a mini wedding shoot for the practice and as a wedding gift. but i was only two weeks away from isaac's due date when they got married, so i {with my big ol' belly} only got a few {not very good} shots that day. 

i did, however, have the honor to do an engagement shoot for them... back in august of 2010. yes, you read that right... 2010. that's how long it took me to get their photos completely done. {don't forget... i had the world's slowest computer before. only 2GB of RAM and who knows how slow the processor was!} i had worked on some of the images and posted them on facebook for the happy couple before they got married. but i never got around to finishing all of them {it was only a couple months after the shoot that i was to find out i was pregnant, and life completely changed after that.} but i have finally finished them now.

out of the many shots i got, i only chose about 160 or so as the "good" ones. and of those, only about 88 were deemed good enough to put on here. but that would have taken a lot of time and space. so i am only putting my very favorite shots on here today.

these were taken with to old kit lens on the d40. and i don't believe i was yet shooting in manual. looking back, i wish i had had my new{ish} lens and wish i had shot in manual. i did still manage to get some shots i loved, though.

IMG_1507 IMG_1591 IMG_1576 IMG_1573 IMG_1562 IMG_1532 IMG_1563 IMG_1548 IMG_2025 IMG_1506 IMG_1512

happy anniversary to two of my favorite people on this planet! we three b's love you and are so happy to have been a part of your wedding and first year of marriage. the rest of your pics to come!!


Chatty Crone said...

Hey you are pretty good at taking photos girl - and that is a happy and cute couple. sandie

Chatty Crone said...

Hey you are pretty good at taking photos girl - and that is a happy and cute couple. sandie

Anonymous said...

Such wonderfully playful shots!

Paula J said...

I love all these photos!! Such great angles :)