eleven months, an extreme (sort of) makeover and a day-late moving picture monday

a long {but good} weekend made for a slow start to the week and a no-show for moving picture monday. {if you were planning on linking up yesterday, i'm sorry to be posting so late. but if you have a moving picture, please still do link up at the end of this post!} the theme for this week was creatures, which is why i was excited when mr. b. told me that he saw a bunny in our front yard on saturday. i was going to shoot the bunny. {well, not literally, of course.} but when i went out to get pictures for m.p.m., that rabbit was nowhere to be seen. so i decided to shoot the next best thing... isaac's new bunny pull toy. isn't it cute? i just got it from the land of nod outlet.

i know this moving picture is similar to isaac's dinosaur moving picture, but i just had to make it.

speaking of isaac... he is eleven months old today! it's not the most exciting milestone, especially when the big no. 1 is right around the corner. but i am posting about it anyway, because after being asked several times "how old is she?" by others who have recently met him, i figured maybe his hair was getting a bit long. so i got out the trimmers and buzzed it as short as his dad's hair. now they really look like twins.

i'll be sure to get some photos of the two of them together soon, so you can see just how much.

but for now, i've posted the pics from our first outing post-hairloss. we walked to a nearby garden/park to enjoy the first nice day we have had in a while.

as with the sand in florida, isaac is not yet used to grass. he avoids touching it like the plague. and if i sit him in it, he gets very unhappy with me and does everything he can to find his way back to the stroller... without touching the grass, if at all possible.

but that's just it... it's not possible to get back to it without touching the grass. that's what made these photos of him so funny to me. you can see in his face just how torn he is between staying where he is in the grass and getting back to the stroller... but having to touch more of his bare skin to the grass in order to do so. 

isaac 5_14_12-1

isaac 5_14_12-3

isaac 5_14_12-14

isaac 5_14_12-4
such trepidation... even just to touch it, let alone sit in it. you'd think there was a scorpion in the grass.

apprehension turns to utter disapproval and unhappiness...

isaac 5_14_12-2

isaac 5_14_12-6
i guess he chose the lesser of two evils...

isaac 5_14_12-5

isaac 5_14_12-7

isaac 5_14_12-20

isaac 5_14_12-21

isaac 5_14_12-9

isaac 5_14_12-15

isaac 5_14_12-22
isaac's thought bubble: {"free at last!"}

me: "isaac, you be careful!"

isaac 5_14_12-8
i just had to laugh at his little gaze over my way... to see if i was noticing that he was kneeling up in the stroller, even though i told him not to. trying to look all innocent, as if i didn't see him climbing and trying to stand up. nice try, buddy.

me: "get down, isaac."

isaac 5_14_12-16
isaac's thought bubble: {"but, mahhhhhm... i don't want to!"}

after about a half hour, he finally got a little more used to the grass... easily distracted by the rocks at the edge of the garden that looked like they would be a yummy morsel. {oh, dear... here we go. boys and their rocks and dirt and all that stuff.}

linking up with my next photo here...

isaac 5_14_12-10
well... i may not get him to smile like an angel in this grass. but at least there were some pretty bright red flowers to serve as my back drop... making even faces of disapproval somehow look endearing.

i'm not sure what this flower is. but i know i like it!

isaac 5_14_12-11

isaac 5_14_12-18
by the time we left, he almost forgot about the weird, cold texture under his feet, and he was back to his old self... getting into everything he could find, watching the passers-by, looking around for birdies, listening to the trucks in the distance.

isaac 5_14_12-17
and me? i just took it all in... enjoying how cute he looks in his new do... how it completely changes his appearance and, strangely, his personality also. {that's what happens to me after a new hairdo, too.}

i enjoyed looking closely at the details, finding beauty in everything about our time there... the weather, getting to know him, the colors, the trust, discovery, the milestones, the miracle that i'm a mom of an eleven-month-old who's become my entire world.

isaac 5_14_12-13

isaac 5_14_12-12
somewhere in that stretch toward the end, he grew to like it there. i dare say, he did not want to leave. i can easily say, nor did i.

my eleven-month-old, blue-eyed, four-toothed, teething, trepid, trusting, wonder-filled, messy, rock-eating, dirt-digging, sometimes whiny, mostly happy, babbling, laughing, dogs- and planes-fascinated, rocky tee-wearing, music-loving, dancing, getting-ready-to-walk, mischievous, short-haired boy {becoming more and more boy with each passing day} who i simply adore. 

getting to have you in my life fills me with joy.

isaac 5_14_12-23

happy birthday, sweet baby {not for long} boy. in one month, we celebrate the BIG one. but just so you don't think that every other day is any less special than the day you turn one, i celebrate today, too. because i celebrate you.

mama loves you!

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Chatty Crone said...

What a gorgeous and I do mean beautiful baby that is. sandie

georgia b. said...

thank you, sandie. i have to say that, because i'm his mom. but to hear it from you means a lot! =)

beth said...

these photos are too cute and now all i want to do is rub "rocky's" freshly shaved head.....xo

georgia b. said...

hehehe... that made me giggle, beth.

i'll let you when we meet up. i'll make sure to freshly shave it right before-hand... just for you.

it's the best. it's like rubbing mr. b's head, only much softer... like the softest carpet you'll ever touch. and for some reason, i notice the shape of his head more now that his hair is short. i love the way it feels on my hands.

Cathy said...

this is a great post! and don't worry about posting on tuesday, we knew you would do it when you had time : ) both of your moving picture are so much fun. the second one was a nice surprise. i like how Isaac is tasting his surroundings! the close-up picture of his blue eyes and blue shirt is just gorgeous! Oh, my son was mistaken as a girl too at that age : ) what did Isaac think of his new haircut? did he notice?

georgia b. said...

oh, that's a great question, cathy. i am not sure if he noticed or not. he did see himself in the mirror. but these days, he's into kissing the mirror {or rather slobbering on it}, so i think when he saw himself, he saw that opportunity, rather than his new hair cut. he seems a lot different. i think he senses it is gone. but i did not see any markable change or notice.

off to see your moving picture now!

S. Etole said...

I think your pretty bright flower is a poppy. Mine are just about ready to bloom.

Your little guy is such a cutie.

georgia b. said...

thanks, susan! i always thought poppies had fewer petals. but maybe there are multiple varieties?? whatever they are, they are so pretty! and this particular color just pops!

thanks for you comment about isaac, too!

lissa said...

isaac's always such a cutie! he's so expressive.

& cute bunny moving pic.

hope your day is sweet.

georgia b. said...

thanks, lissa!

and thank you for your submission!
you and cathy are my faithful m.p.m. followers!!
LOVE it!

Paula J said...

He looks so cute with his short hair! When my son was small he was afraid of the leaves blowing around. He thought they were chasing him and he'd scream and run. I'll never forget that.


Kristin said...

what wonderful captures!! your little man is just adorable! and loving your moving photo too!!

Elena said...

Oh my gosh, so many beautiful pics in this post! He is too cute and you capture him beautifully! Love your moving pic; very cool!

Meagan said...

What a darling little boy he is! I love that moving bunny picture too. My kids have the opposite problem with grass - I can't keep them out of it! Caroline is constantly putting it in her mouth. I have a hard time taking pictures of her outside because I'm constantly pulling grass out of her mouth. Ha!

MG Atwood said...

Great shots! I love the dof, and such a darling subjectg.

georgia b. said...

thanks, all!

Kelly-Marie said...

Your moving pictures are so fab huni, great moving bunny that's so freaking awesome.
I love love love the last shot of Issac's big blue eyes. Thank you for linking up sweetie x x

Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy said...

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous boy. He's got so much character in those photos. And I absolutely love his Rocky tshirt. X

Jenny Schouten Short said...

I am overwhelmed. You showed what he was doing and thinking, reacting and making choices. This is just wonderful. xo Jenny
He is such a beautiful baby.

Photoholic said...

I love your moving picture! I think it's one of the best ones you've made so far.
Isaac is so cute! Especially with that haircut!

GailO said...

Such beautiful photos of such a beautiful boy! I loved the series of pictures of him climbing back into the stroller...Hard to believe he is already up to such mischief!

stacey said...

These photos are SO perfect!! I adore that Rocky t-shirt!! You captured your 11-month-old perfectly. Oh my cuteness.

Geri Centonze said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful boy! What a gifted photographer you are! Love the bunny too!

georgia b. said...

thanks, friends!