she's not his mama, but she's the closest thing to it that he will ever know.

the last time he ate outside at a sidewalk cafe, he was far too young to comprehend his surroundings. but this time, he understood where he was, what he was doing, and most importantly, who he was with. lots of little boys have aunts. but not every little boy has an aunt as special as his. you see, she's the closest thing to me in all the world... and i don't just mean close as in connected or friendly or knows-me-well. i mean literally. there is no other person on earth whose d.n.a. matches mine more closely {practically identically} than hers... not even my own son. that person is my twin sister... isaac's dear aunt.

no... she is not his mama. but she is the closest thing to it he will ever know. she may never love him the way i can and will. but she loves him so. and she has done so much for him... given him so much already in his short little life so far.

and just like the last time we all got to spend a while together, i could not pick a favorite photo. so i didn't... i included them all.

DSC_0287_new DSC_0232_new DSC_0195_new

it's no secret that kids sometimes like grandparents, uncles and aunts more than their parents... they get away with so much more... they are spoiled by them far more than by their parents. so i am sure there will be days when isaac likes the carbon copy of his mom more than the real deal. after all, she's got a cool iPhone that has fun apps like wheel of fortune and one that turns her phone into a drawing pad. and she'll never make him go to bed or eat his peas. *wink*

instead, she'll just always be there to play with and giggle with. it's like mom... but the cool, way-more-fun version! they love to play together. she gets him to laugh and smile like no one else can. i kind of knew it would be that way.

DSC_0213_new DSC_0221_new DSC_0292_new DSC_0236_new DSC_0243_new

it's pretty cool, too... yesterday morning i looked at isaac and saw my dad in him more than ever before. he gazed up at me from where he was playing on the floor and right then, looked the most like my father that i have ever noticed. it took my breath away. so later on that evening, as we spent time with my sister, i couldn't help but think that my son could see in her what my late father saw, too. my dad loved her witty sense of humor {because he had one too}. isaac may not yet know what wit is. but he's definitely drawn to my sister's humorous side. and i like to think that my dad is still looking at my sister and appreciating that part of her that she so clearly got from him... all through isaac's eyes.

DSC_0254_new DSC_0255_new DSC_0257_new DSC_0267_new DSC_0289_new DSC_0258_new DSC_0262_new DSC_0271_new DSC_0272_new DSC_0275_new DSC_0279_new DSC_0290_new DSC_0200_new

i realize that none of these photos are technically perfect by any means. but every single one is perfect to me. and as with any photos taken of isaac with family, i treasure these. deeply.
if you ask me, the photo below holds such a tenderness... so much so, that she looks like a mom already... like his mom. she may not be isaac's mom. but anyone can see how much she loves him in this last photo. and even if it's not evident there... i can attest... she loves him that much. and i am lucky honored to witness it.
happy mother's day, to you, sister of mine. thank you for sharing in my motherhood with me, even when it is not easy for you. i know you love him like he's your own, and you have generously showered him with good things. we think you are going to make a great mama some day... and we are so glad to have you get in as much practice with us as you want. thank you for making our day special.

happy mother's day to everyone... even sisters and friends who love sisters and friends and their children!

"a mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie."  ~tenneva jordan


Leanne said...

That is so lovely. Obviously a lot of love shared here- such special relationships & so nicely photographed!

Zena said...

Sweet words and what a lovely captures!... as my sisters are much older than me, I can´t imagine having such a closer relationship, must be wonderful and a gift to your son. Happy Sunday

Sylvia said...

I enjoyed this beautiful post, Georgia, lovely photos of your sister and son, such a sweet boy !
Nice week,

Anonymous said...

Tecnically perfect photos only enhance. They don't make a photo. The people and love in a photo are what make it. These are so lovely and your words about your sister are so sweet. What a fortunate family you all are. :)

Tasha said...

Beautiful post Georgia.
I'm a firm believer that all kids should have a 'second mum' - a special lady, related through blood (or not) that they can go to if/when they need.
Your little man has your sister this way... You've captured the love wonderfully.

georgia b. said...

thank you, ladies.

michelle... i agree 100%. thank you for reminding me.

Chatty Crone said...

That baby is so sweet!
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Love, sandie

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

What a sweet sister you are to honor her! :)

Megan@MondayMorningMusings said...

Lovely, just lovely. And I can see the bond and the tenderness in every photo. And I wouldn't be able to pick just one, either.

xoCATox said...

Oh, wow - what a beautiful post! Such touching photos, and a gorgeous sentiment to go with it. You and Isaac are lucky to have such a wonderful sister/aunt, and she is lucky to be able to share in the experience of your gorgeous boy! :)

beth said...

oh georgia....this is so special !!

{ps...i owe you a note....tomorrow i promise !!}

Rachel@ That's Life said...

Oh wow, that was beautiful! Your little guy is sure lucky to have an aunt/second mom like that. Beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you did, because I love your blog. I will be following it. :) Have a great day!

Catherine Denton said...

What a beautiful, touching post. It especially touched me because I have a twin sister who is my closest friend. And I got to watch her be an aunt to my daughter several years before she became a mom too. All three of my kids still adore her.
Catherine Denton

stacey said...

Oh Georgia, this post makes my heart so happy. So happy to see your sister in these photos. So happy.

And I just had to click back to Isaac's first visit to a sidewalk cafe. I can't believe how much he's grown. It really makes me look forward to this coming September!!!