moving picture monday... cuties

you know those latest advil commercials where the advil box appears in the same position from frame to frame, but in each, a different person is holding the box?

well, i really hoped to do something like that for my food-themed moving picture today, but instead of holding a box of advil, it would be a cuties brand mandarin orange. and instead of having a bunch of different people holding the orange, it would be me each time. and in each frame, i'd be in a different place... like the living room, or the dining room, or at the park, or in the car, etc.

you get the idea.

and then i was going to say something to the effect of "we love cuties around here so much, they go everywhere with us."

and then, i was going to show this photo...

'cause we really do love them that much! they are a staple in this household... and beyond. they are a favorite snack of isaac's. and when mama peels one for him to devour, she can't help but steal a few juicy sections for herself. just because. such sweet reward for taking the time to peel her baby boy's treats all those times.

so you're probably wondering where my advil-like moving picture is. truth is, i tried it... and was not having much luck. i think i may need to put my old lens back on to get something like that to work, but i'll definitely try something like that some day. and when i do, i may need to recruit the help of another person {like dear hubby}, because it was just too difficult to get everything just right when i was the one holding the cutie.

so i did this animation instead...

and i like it, because it whimsically depicts just how fast a bag of those cute little balls of citrus goodness goes around these parts. in fact, my son loves them so much, he'd eat them with the peel on. believe me!... i've seen him try! that, however, is an entirely different story for another time and another post.

today, it's just the bag of {disappearing} cuties.

do you {or your kids} love these too? even the marketing for cuties is... well, cute! an entire web site is devoted this brand of mini orange. must be because they're so delicious! and their commercials???... a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

weird... that's two advertising shout-outs i've given in one post! i should get paid for this! =)

okay... that's all i got for today. anyone else out there got a moving picture they want to link up with? i only had one submission last week {and such an adorable one it was!}, so i'm wondering if this link-up thing is tapering off, or if some of you have good intentions to make one and link up at some point, but just have not gotten around to it. hopefully, it's the latter. just in case it is, i'll keep doing these for a while... i still enjoy making them, even if there are no others posted that week.

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if you do have one for today... or will have one {it's open all week, remember}, here's what you do...

first, grab the button below
{by copying and pasting the code that is in the box below the flying birds gif}
and add it to the html of your moving picture post
so that you can link back to the party here from your blog.
it's just how i see things
then link up to your post here, by adding your link at the end of this post in inlinkz.
and finally, have fun!
{never made and animated gif and wanna know how?
go here for a photoshop tutorial.
or go here for an elements tutorial.}
{{NOTE for first-time participants: after you submit your entry and inlinkz takes you to the page where you can grab an image from your post for the thumbnail link, it will let you choose your gif image {and crop it, if you want}, but it will not actually show up, because it does not recognize gifs, so inlinkz uses the little blue cartoon face for the link instead. i'd rather have an image that reflects my blog for my link, so i just choose my profile picture instead.}}

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the moving picture theme for next monday is creature. do whatever you like with that! i can't wait to find out what others might do! i'll see you with my next moving picture link-up in a week... and hopefully even sooner with a submission from you this week!


lissa said...

cute tangerine moving pic. it's like they are dancing or something instead of disappearing.

not sure I'll be able to do a moving pic, but I enjoy seeing others

hope you have a sweet day.

Chatty Crone said...

I sure did enjoy this as usual! lol sandie I still have your email how to do it just haven't found time yet.

georgia b. said...

thanks, ladies!

still looking forward to your first m.p., sandie! the suspense is killing me! =)

lissa said...

just posted my moving pic, wasn't able to redo but I like it.

have a sweet spring.

georgia b. said...

thanks, lissa. i love what you did. like modern art, but moving!

Cathy said...

Yummy! Cuties! I love those things, and I don't know anyone that doesn't. I love the colors in the first photo of the cuties on the beach...I guess they deserve a little fun too :D
Your moving picture is just perfect because that is really how fast they disappear when I'm around them...they are like Lay's potoato chips, no one can eat just one.
Thanks for keeping Moving Pictures Monday going. I hope people get the courage to try it and see how much fun they really are.

georgia b. said...

thanks, cath! i appreciate that! i hope so, too.

off to follow your link now... can't wait to see what you did!

Mock-Turtle said...

Thanks so much for the comment you left Jack and I. I have never thought of creating a moving picture, so you have inspired me! I am definitely going to give this a go using your tutorial. Then I'll link up.
I'm a new follower. Thanks for finding me!

Two Infinity and Beyond said...

We LOVE cuties around here too! Leaving in the Sunshine state it is a must around our house.

I'd love to know how you made the moving picture. I am new to photography so just learning as I go.