{it's not always just an expression... we literally stopped to smell the roses} + {some very big news in the world of isaac!}

stop and smell roses_3 stop and smell roses_10 stop and smell roses_12

it was supposed to be a day of working... packing up my son and driving in to the city to help a sweet friend {and former coworker} pack up her charming old flat {so sad to see her move from there... but happy because she is on to bigger and better things}. she will be moving into a newly remodeled 1930's condo flat. so all her worldly possessions needed to get wrapped up and boxed so they could travel along to her new home.

i was concerned that i would be of little help with my baby boy in tow. and i was right. he's at the age where he wants to get into everything... especially when in an exciting, new environment. so i felt like i was more distracted by making sure he was not tearing her place apart than i was helpful in getting things packed away.

still, it was a nice time... she got to see isaac again. {she had not seen him since the day he was born.} and her mom got to meet him, too.

but all work and no play will make for a not-very-balanced day. so off to play, we went... nourishing and sustaining ourselves at the same time. we walked over to one of the best thai food restaurants in town and shared three diversely-flavored dishes... all delicious! it was isaac's first experience with thai cuisine... and maybe his last for a while... i now know to expect some gassiness after such a meal.

fueled up from our late lunch, we headed back to the apartment to dive into working. and as the restaurant was several blocks down and on the other side of the main street from her place, there were a number of places we could have crossed to get back to her place.

had we crossed on the way back at the same corner we crossed on the there, we would have missed it. but something told us to press on further east before heading south again.

or maybe, rather, it was a fragrance in the air that subtly drew us there. and fragrant they were!... hundreds and hundreds of beautiful roses on several bushes that were much taller than i am. a few blocks down, right there in the middle of that great big city. and to think... we would have missed them if we had crossed any sooner.

stop and smell roses_7 stop and smell roses_13 stop and smell roses_11 stop and smell roses_17

so we stopped...

to smell the roses {isaac's first time ever smelling a rose}...

but also to see them...

to take some pictures in front of them.

lovely. so lovely.

stop and smell roses_6 stop and smell roses_5

and then, after we had heeded that age-old sage proverb... taking time to stop and smell the roses... we continued on, crossing the street to get back to the apartment and work.

stop and smell roses_9

how glad i am that we did, because i got some keepers for photos from our brief stop {as well as a few shots back at the apartment}. disappointed with myself in how much {or rather, how little} of a help i was, i drove home that night at least feeling filled up and happy to have seen my friend, and happy that her mom and she were able to see and become acquainted with isaac. oh, how he loved her! he has a thing for blondes... especially blondes who wear dark-rimmed glasses. he was pretty fond of her braids, too. and i'm pretty sure she likes him just as much... i have this sneaking suspicision.

stop and smell roses_1 stop and smell roses_4 stop and smell roses_2 stop and smell roses_15 stop and smell roses_8

how often do we say or acknowledge expressions and phrases, but never really practice them literally {or even figuratively}. i've discovered that actually following the advice of this phrase has given me a whole new appreciation for it. you should try it some time.

stop and smell roses_14

and now for the big, big news!...

my baby boy walked last night... the real deal. he had taken a step or two or three here and there in the past, but never continued on after three. but last night, he took about twenty-five steps {total}... about ten first. then a little bit of standing around. then some coaxing to get him to walk again. then another ten or so steps. more standing. more coaxing. then about five more steps.

i cried after i put him to bed for the night... when it really sunk in. it's just one more step toward him growing up and seemingly away. i'm excited... don't get me wrong. so excited for him and proud of him. but it still made me cry.

anyway, it's o.f.f.i.c.i.a.l!

at this point, i consider him walking. taking more than three continual steps without holding on to anything constitutes walking in my book. he did a little more today, but not much. i suspect it will be a slow process of gaining confidence before he is off and "running". but it is here. and just like after he started crawling, i think my life is going to change a whole lot... especially when he gets really good at it!

i have no walking-isaac photos yet. but i did get some video. i will try to post it soon!

i hope your weekend was swell... and that you got {or get} some time to stop and smell some sweet, sweet roses.


beth said...

what a beautiful, work filled and serendipitous day !!

and say it isn't so....walking? by himself. wait. wasn't he just born like 5 months ago. no? well shoot. that's how it feels to me, so i can only imagine how it feels to you.

you were blessed that he was a "baby" for as long as he was...
jack stood up at 9 months and took off running.
i'm not kidding you at all.
unfortunately from that point on, he grew up and away from my arms way too fast !!

Leanne said...

How exciting, a walking boy. So wonderful to watch the development of skills & confidence in our little people. So much happens in those first few years of life & so lovely to watch. Nice that you took the opportunity to stop & smell the roses too, they look beautiful.

Chatty Crone said...

The baby is BEAUTIFUL and so are those flowers. God is good. sandie

SueAnn Lommler said...

The roses are so gorgeous!! And you captured some fabulous photos. And that is great news and scary news all at the same time. He is growing up. Wow!! Walking!! Super

georgia b. said...

thanks, ladies!

stacey said...

Looooove the rose photos. So very pretty, G.

And the walking!!! Wow!!! Both of my babies were after one until they walked, several months after one. He is just ready to take on the world! Watch out mama! And did he get a hair cut???

Amanda said...

first, love the pictures. gorgeous! I bet they smelled lovely. also, congrats on the walking! that's super exciting.

Heather said...

Thanks, G! As I mentioned in my email, what a blessing and a gift to see this post and these photos on my birthday yesterday. I was all smiles again! I'm so glad we were all able to spend that time together, in between and during the overwhelming task of packing. Thanks for the great post! Love you!

GailO said...

Walking already! Congratulations! and let the fun of chasing him begin!

lissa said...

only a mom would count the steps and probably even memorize it. sweet news!

hope you have a lovely day.

georgia b. said...

you're welcome, heather!! happy birthday to you! looking forward to seeing you again friday... hopefully.

thanks, everyone!

Paula J said...

I'm glad you stopped and smelled the roses! They make a nice background for your photos.

And congrats on your new walker!! It is bittersweet I know!


Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Great photos! I love the one of his tummy showing! Looks like he was having fun!

Chris Greene said...

Hey Georgia! Those are beautiful photos! I'm so glad to hear Issac is doing so well, and walking! That's so exciting! It's like he's growing up so fast. So happy for you and your family that you have little Issac in your lives.


Anonymous said...

Yay he is a toddler now! So happy for him. Now on to running. Hang in there mama he is going to be on themove now. :). He is growing so fast. Lets do cupcakesand the park next week if you want. Let me know. Christie can't wait to play with I. Love ya, Julie and Christie:)