i thought i lost my favorite hat on a florida beach...

but, it turns out, it lost me.

{smart hat! stupid me.}

that's okay. 
the important thing is that i still have my favorite person. 
like my hat, he was with me at all times while on the beach. 
unlike my hat, losing him is not okay and most certainly not an option.
so i didn't.

missing florida.
missing the beach.
missing my hat {in more ways than one}.

holding my baby.
{no... i mean, really holding him... that's not just a sweet written sentiment...
he's actually in my lap, reaching for the shiny, new mouse very insistently while i try to type this...
and whining whenever i keep him away from it. *sigh* 
like i said... missing florida.}

short post.
cinco de mayo cuisine from the local taquiera is calling.

will be back monday for another moving picture link-up.
are ya in?


urban muser said...

too bad, that looks like a great hat! hope you enjoyed your cinco de mayo celebration.

helen tilston said...

I have found many items on the beach in Florida, two dogs, keys, money, sunglasses and a passport. If I ever find your had washed ashore, I will know where to find you.
Happy Mother's Day

Helen xx

beth said...

oh man, don't you just hate it when that stuff happens....but tj maxx and marshals have lots of them in right now that look like that one...or at least similar enough :)

helen tilston said...

oops, I meant to type HAT

ZeldaMom said...

Dang, it looks good on you.
You'll get Really good at doing things one handed.

georgia b. said...

thanks, christy... we did!

helen... that's too funny. i think it wants to stay there, though. it belongs in sunny florida. if you find it, you keep it! i bet it would look fabulous on you! thanks for the mother's day wish!

beth... you're right. i see similar hats everywhere. can't remember where i got this one... target maybe? i'll have to see if they have more.

thanks, zelda mom!! sweet of you to say. it was handy to have. i used to be a sun "worshipper", but these days, i'm more careful about getting too much sun, especially on my face. so, i figure if i have to protect my face, why not go the stylish route! =)

i'm a hat person! love them. love to wear them!

Chatty Crone said...

I loved your hat, but I loved the little one more! sandie

Kathy said...

I really enjoyed this post! I really like that hat, but I love your perspective both on life, and in your photos.

georgia b. said...

thanks so much, sandie. i concur!

kathy, what a very sweet comment. that means more to me than you know. it's comments like that that make our blogs worth it, no? otherwise, why do we put ourselves out there? i'm so glad you connect with my posts and i appreciate you telling me.

Nicki said...

and such a lovely hat to boot - but your son is cuter and definitely leaving him behind is out of the question.

georgia b. said...

thanks, nicki!

Leah C said...

Such a cute post! It's too bad about the hat...but hold on tight to your baby:) He's such a cutie- pie and they grow up sooo fast!

Aron said...

We just lost our (favorite) sun hat for our baby. Such a bummer!
Its amazing how fast they grow up right--I can't believe our kid is almost 10 mo already!

georgia b. said...

oh... i think i would have been just as sad if we had lost my son's hat as losing mine.

yes... they grow so quickly. i heard this from so many. but until his first year came {or is about to come in june}, i couldn't know exactly just how quickly they meant...

now i believe them!