dear blogland... i'm still here.

i've just had a bunch of stuff going on.
so if you will, please hold on a sec and please...

dear blogland, i'm still here.

i miss you... i do.
and i hope to visit again soon... and stay a while when i do.
it's just that i've been very busy out here in "what we did before computers"-land and mommy-land.

here's what i'm working on for summer:
birthday party for my one-year-old - CHECK!
thorough house clean and de-clutter - CHECK!
sorting and organization of garage sale items - CHECK!
pricing of garage sale items
organizing and/or making items for etsy
pricing and posting etsy items
giving some rooms in my home a mini-makeover - CHECK!
some 'round-the-house projects {design-wise}
a major organization of my artistic/crafting supplies {i've got tons... wish i had a studio to put them in}
organizing every single file that is on my computer for better creative workflow
keeping my newly toddling son from destroying all the above mentioned - CHECK! {didn't cross that one off, 'cause it's ongoing process}
spending some quality summer time with my boys - CHECK! {ditto what i said after my last "check"}
organizing isaac photos from his first year so i can do some special things with them
a few special posts i've got planned for the horizon
some photo shoots for fun and for practice
an online portfolio for freelance production and design business
a web site
summery things, like swimming in isaac's new pool {birthday present} and visiting friends for summer barbecuing

speaking of friends {whom i wrote about recently here} and barbecuing with them, we did just that last saturday. it was lovely... what summers are made for. they have a little girl just a month older than isaac. we've already prearranged their future marriage *wink*, so i figured i should bring my camera and get some first-time shots of them together so they can see what they were like together as babies when they are grown and married.

isaac and m.n._41 isaac and m.n._40 isaac and m.n._38

isn't she sweet? here are some shots i got of just her...

isaac's newest friend isaac and m.n._1

if i didn't think isaac had the most beautiful blue eyes in the world, then i would certainly say hers are. we'll just say she comes in second in that category. but she at least gets first place for cutest hair-do, no? i'll try to post the rest of those pics soon. you can see the rest here.

and speaking of swimming in isaac's new pool...  we've got a date with my neighbor and her son to do just that now. so i better run!

hope your summer is lovely thus far. see you again, hopefully, soon!


beth said...

living outside the world of technology is such a good and healthy thing to do and is so what summer is all about.....xo

ps...she's a cuite !

Nate Heldman said...

when is said garage sale? can we bring stuff and sell it if we hang out with you?

Party Of Four said...

What cuties! I hear ya, I've been barely blogging too. Life just gets too busy sometimes, and that's okay! Enjoy it, blog later. ;)

Amanda said...

super cute hairdo! love it. and love the blanket :)

stacey said...

Enjoy your summer with your one-year-old! And listing Esty items?? Do tell!