heat?... what heat?

isaac and a_41

i'm back... so soon?
well, yes... i just had to post the pics from yesterday.
it was isaac's first official swim in his first-ever pool... a birthday gift from his grandparents.
{he's been in a pool before... but never directly in the water until yesterday.}

my neighbor {whose two-year-old is also pictured swimming} and i spent a good while
just getting the pool inflated and ready for use.
but it was well worth it because, as you can see, they had a blast.
i don't think they even knew it was close to 100°.
kids are great that way!
it could have been 70° or anywhere up to 100°... wouldn't have made a difference.
just give them about five inches of cool water,
and think they've gone to heaven!

isaac and a_9
isaac and a_45

it was a great opportunity for me, too... to practice taking toddler pictures.
i mean, i always get to practice on isaac.
but i rarely get that with other kids.
when my friend/neighbor saw the recent set of pics i took of isaac with his "future wife",
she loved them and told me i could come over to practice on her little one any time.
so i did!

the lighting was so great... with that late-afternoon to early-evening glow.
and the bright colors were perfect for a little, mini summer shoot.
i can't really say it was mini, i guess.
i took SO many pictures the entire time we were out there,
and was happy that a big bunch of them turned out.
i could not put them all on my blog.
but you can see the complete set on flickr if you want.

isaac and a_11 isaac and a_89

isn't this two-year-old a sweetie?
like isaac, he's got beautiful eyes... so round and full of wonder and joy!

and it wasn't just the kiddos that made the day fun.
our neighbors have a little pomeranian, too.
a very sweet dog... just the right size for breaking isaac in with becoming comfortable around dogs.

isaac and a_27

of course, the little puppy had to join the fun, too.

isaac and a_1 isaac and addyn_23 isaac and addyn_22 isaac and a_101 isaac and a_103 isaac and a_102

how cute is that dog?

i, for one, could do without the heat... or at least without such a long stretch of it.
i'm a windows-open kind of girl... none of this close-up-the-house-and-turn-the-air-on stuff.
but you really have no choice when temps get like this.
unfortunately, the heat is here to stay for a while.

i guess i can bear it some more... 
especially with cool, fruity popsicles on standby in the freezer.
isaac had his first one today, and loved it!
and as long as it does not rain on saturday when we watch fireworks...
another first for isaac!

it's weird that it's only tuesday, 'cause it really feels like a friday or saturday.
but the nice part about that is that by the time thursday comes {which will feel like a monday},
the week will be almost over and giving way to a real weekend!

have a wonderful independence day celebration this week!
and do keep cool!


Anonymous said...

Perfect set of photos depicting summertime and the carefree actions of children. :-))

beth said...

toooo cute !!.....i swear that outside photos, especially with water somewhere close by, are the best photos ever !!

Jean said...

late-afternoon to early evening glow has been my favorite, too! just love the colors!!

these photos are super cute. also love the one w/ his "future wife." adorable!

i'm an open window kind of girl, too! we have a little window unit a/c but that thing is so inefficient that my boyfriend went out & bought a new one. so happy now... but very glad we live under huge maple trees :)

i love, love how your first photo fits so well w/ your title post.

and keep staying cool! i know i will :)

ZeldaMom said...

I can hardly wait to open the windows again.
These pictures are great and both of the little kidlets are darling.

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

These photos make me smile SO BIG! What cuties! Love the gorgeous color... absolutely beautiful!! Happy 4th! :-)

georgia b. said...

thanks, all! =)

Sandy K. said...

The heat is driving me crazy, day after day of excessive heat warnings! However, your photos brightened my day. I can not believe he is one years old already! Where is this time flying?