project life {week thirteen} and a few other things these days

week 13 collage

1, 2. TUESDAY - BOOK {up on the fridge and down on the floor}
3. MONDAY - CLUTTERED {with a capital CL! table and chair next to my bed... ughhh}
4. THURSDAY - SPLASH {rinsing dishes in the kitchen sink}
5. SATURDAY - COLLAGE {a gallery wall of art and mirrors in the bathroom}
6. FRIDAY - MY PEEPS {both my peeps and those other peeps... they're all sweet as sugar}
7. TUESDAY - GREEN {the newest in my obsession collection of mugs}
8. SUNDAY - CURRENTLY READING {a fabulous book from a fabulous friend}
{how 'bout those finger prints courtesy of isaac? poor kid gets blamed for everything. they're probably mine!}

* * * * *

and here's a bit of what we've been up to these days...

DSC_0640 DSC_0649 DSC_0936 DSC_0944 DSC_0915 DSC_0298-color DSC_0356 DSC_0263-0277 DSC_0253 DSC_0388 DSC_0390 DSC_0391 DSC_0412 DSC_0410-0415 DSC_0366 DSC_0475 DSC_0506

countless expressions that can change on a dime, but mostly smiles {it is a very smiley age}

making delicious mini brownie cakes for a certain birthday boy

daily enjoying a recent {most delicious} afternoon tradition... an old favorite—the best green tea—with a new favorite—the best blueberry cookies {even though they are breakfast cookies and are meant for mornings}
thankfully the flavor i get is not one of the two recently-recalled-for-having-metal-mesh-in-them flavors!

scrapes and bumps... the murphy's law kind that happen only when there is a holiday the next day and there are bound to be photos.

and then there's easter, of course... isaac in his easter finest and me with my new DO.
what DO you think? DO you like it?

{oh... and in case you were wondering... that's not the dog's drool on isaac's mouth in the sixth-to-last photo, despite what the photo before it might lead you to believe. isaac had a cold on easter, so he was drooling a lot as a result of his plugged up nose. just thought i'd clarify, 'cause i know if i didn't know the whole story and i saw that photo, i'd be like "whaaaaaaaaaaaat?"}


i hope you had a wonderful easter!


sharonheldman said...

it worked this time. :)

besides the ones of you and brac, i love 0388 and 0390!

georgia b. said...

thanks, mama. there were more on facebook... a whole album. did you see them?

Cropped Stories said...

All of the pictures are fabulous! I was going to tell you my favorites, but I have way too many :o)

georgia b. said...

thanks, elana. =)

georgia b. said...

thanks, elana. =)

Mr. & Mrs. P said...

What cute photos!!!!

georgia b. said...

thank you!!

stacey said...

I read through this post the other day and was going to leave a comment but got interrupted. I remember seeing that lamp and LOVING it and also seeing the similarities to the pair that I have. My lamps were my grandma's. When we went through her house after she passed away last summer I knew I had to have them. They sit on our nightstands and I adore them. I only have a few mid-century-ish items in my house and these are one of them. I wish I had the eye and style you do when it comes to that stuff. I would love to go antique/flea market/thrift store shopping with you someday!

And Isaac, again, in that little suit....and the hat? Seriously, cutest thing ever. Eat it up now because when they get to be Eli's age they will no longer want to wear that cute stuff. I totally had to bribe Eli to get into those overalls and I'm pretty sure he won't be wearing them again. So sad. :(

And how are you liking your bangs now?

georgia b. said...

ah... so much to respond to here. will write you a personal e-mail, instead. =)

but quickly, thanks!! we think alike... something i always knew since meeting you.